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  1. I totally agree..............Win or lose. Look how DRW played Chicago, and Anaheim. Columbus is small market and nothing to hang hat on. San Jose, Anaheim, Boston or even Hurricanes next year. They respect DRW, but speed kills. Bowman gone doesn't help. Need to start getting the youth back into DRW. Drapper,Liddy,Chelly,Ozzie out......Good guys and don't get sentimental, but lets get back after the cup with some speed and urgency! I thought all was lost without Shanny, McCarty, LaPointe, Avery, etc. but all is good!
  2. Stuart...Let me send you my loaded gun and you just head down to your basement and we'll call someone for you in the morning!
  3. Also no Center Ice next year for me .................................Poorly maintained and out of date.
  4. Couldn't agree more! Pens wanted it more. Even Pierre and Ed O. were saying DRW needed to get more players to front of net for rebounds popping out. Kind of looked like Bab's out smarted hiself and got confused on what lines were to play with who. Ver yout of control. Gigauire (sp?) from Anaheim next year? Bye Ozzy and Stuart! Hellmy - Show Stuart what hustle in the NHL is!