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  1. i'm picturing a movie poster featuring rick nash in the "24-year old virgin".
  2. this is the first time in a long time i have felt like posting, with all the negativity that flies around this place, this is nice. i read every day, and it's nice to see a positive thread. thanks. hey heroesofhockeytown and harold. k.
  3. Hi, I'm Kevin. and I'm a doorknob salesman. no, not really.
  4. yes it's a joke. we/they call him the Pain Train. relax and let the irony/humor roll. (rookie)
  5. as always, you are the smartest man in the room. by the way, where's HOH?
  6. i'm sure we all know that Opus is a puffin, not a penguin. not nitpickin'-just sayin' edit-because i needed to edit.
  7. you have to be kinda new around here to question osgod. and i don't care what you say to me.
  8. PS

    i'll say what i said in a gdt thread. how can chevy name a truck "avalanche" c'mon. that's like selling a car named NOVA in mexico is a good idea. oh, wait. they did that. NOVA = No Go. just giving an idea for photos. k.
  9. no. look to the blue jackets.
  10. i always thought it was funny that chevy thought it could sell a truck named Avalanche in detroit. kinda like selling a car named Nova in mexico.
  11. why am i waiting for Crymson to come in here and piss off 3 of 5 of us?
  12. having lurked a long time, i can say NFM is always in the know. always. sorry about farverere. k.
  13. versus. enough said. k.
  14. i was there. feds swinging his stick. dino promising to kill a shark. i sat 2nd row behind the bench. and 1 row behind the sharks owner. k.