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    Sports. All Sports, even Little League Baseball. mainly Michigan Football, Red Wings hockey, Pistons and Mavs basketball, and root for both the Tigers and Rangers. Other intrests...spending time with my family while watching sports? Also, Texas country music scene is good times! really starting to get hard core into golf. have always enjoyed it, just never had the money to really get into it. And now I know how much I suck at it, but still fun to play.

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  1. goWingsinDallas

  2. The fix is in for Detroit!

    So this guy brings football talk onto a hockey board?? Genius! I guess whever you can't win the argument change the subject, and make fun of the person you are talking to. And let's slow up on making fun of the sad state of the greater Detroit area. Maybe he should check his own town out. It's not like Pittsburgh is considered to be one of the most beatiful cities in the country. It's a freaking steeltown, it's just as blue collar as Detroit, so keep your stones in your pockets. And let's not forget that the whole Finals were set up perfect for the "young Penguins". The "old" Wings had to play back to back games to start the series after going 7 games in a physical battle with the Ducks, while the Hurricanes just layed on their backs and took it for 4 games from the Pens so the Pens could get some rest. If you lose, you lose. If you win, you win. Losing fans love to always find the best excuses. Series isn't over yet.