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  1. Avalanche, since it's the local team & I loved rooting against them in the Hay-day of the rivalry. However, with the Center Ice package, I often find myself watching any game that is close in the last 5 minutes, or OT.
  2. To everyone of you that thought/thinks Redwing hockey is dead, FU!!!!! This was a HUGE 2 pts! Jimmy still has it, and I feel so good for him. He won this game, but many here wanted him gone 3 years ago. Vanek is our best player, but, lets slam the GM for not doing "anything" to make our team better. Many, many people were throwing this team under the bus because they lost 2 games, against 2 good teams in Florida. We still have a pretty darn good hockey team wearing the Red & White. We are not anywhere close to where we need to be to win a cup, but come on Red Wings fans. Let's support our team, instead of ALWAYS slamming them
  3. Why are you watching the Panthers announcers? If anything, at least the Red Wing announcers are in the top 5 of the league
  4. Wing-in-avs-town

  5. The corner stone of our defense for years to come, I like it!
  6. Always difficult to pick the lesser of 2 evils (or teams I despise) . Think I gotta go with the Sharks on this one, should be some good hockey regardless!
  7. Wow, too many men . LOL
  8. YES!!!!! This is all I have left
  9. Big goal there! Just what the Blues needed
  10. What do you mean? no one loses a series with a 3-1 lead
  11. gdt

    I don't think so, Bab's is a good coach, but not that good
  12. gdt

    The thing though is Tampa was ripe for the picking. Don't see them getting by the next round. We played them pretty even except....
  13. GDT

    Time to shave
  14. GDT

    Whatever happens tonight, Glendening deserves an "A" next year. Frickin heart & soul of this team, barr none
  15. GDT

    At least Q is not afraid to shoot! leave him on the rest of the night