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  1. I wake up at 5am for work during the week... I am not a morning person... and I love the snow lol TPBM believes they can predict the future by telling us who is going to be the first wing to score In the new arena.
  2. Jurco who? the person below me is doing shots
  3. Happy Valentine's Day fellow hockey fans I love you all ❤️
  4. Yes I would love too. tpbm opened presents today and did NOT find coal
  5. Hoppy holidays to all
  6. Seats 1-10 are great seats... Typical price ranges 60-80 Gonna miss that next year. Lol
  7. Can the Wings trade Kenny for Stan? Bickell would look nice in the winged wheel
  8. 2020-21 expansion draft. Brazil
  9. Facepalm better yet just punch me
  10. Guessing the teams will be hot and ready. The games will be bland. The teams won't be able to deliver.
  11. Is this starting already? Mr. Holland is where my ugly feelings are directed at. Granted the pp and use of players in certain situations is ridiculous.
  12. GDT

    This always cracks me up. Lol
  13. GDT

  14. GDT

    That was too much