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    My name is Katie. Im 17 years old. Hockey is my life. I plan to go into sports broadcasting. My knowledge of sports suprises many, especially since apparently Im "way to girly to like sports".

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  1. me at a halloween party
  2. Im not kidding I was at somerset probably like three weeks ago and I saw him there and I was like thinking in my head "why are you back in MI unless..."
  3. ummm MIGHT need surgery...here I also read that it is a last resort and that he more than likely wont need surgery.
  4. I hate to ***** about the weather here in MI but Im about to DIE of a heat stroke.
  5. so for those of you watching jimmy fallon... someone needs to buy me a wallaby or steal me one...something I want one.
  6. Hahah I feel you I wish I could fall asleep.
  7. hahah Im watching Jimmy too!
  8. wow and my summer vaca away from this site begins now.
  9. Hossa helped get us to the playoffs... I find it sick how quick you guys turn on him.
  10. I am incredibly over being single and Im annoyed.
  11. Im going to be eaten alive if I go into broadcasting. The fact that Im a girl talking sports is the only reason I want to do print so I can hide my face and be taken seriously, but I still dont think I will.
  12. I believe but Im not postive she is either 6'3 or 6'4...she played basketball in college and I thought I was tall for a girl (Im 5'7)...I had to look up to talk to her I have a pic of her and I together and its crazy how little I look next to her.
  13. Katrina is a very nice person, Im an aspiring sports writer and she invited me down to watch her for a day and it was the best experience of my life but I will agree her interviews and some of the things she does really annoy me.
  14. aww thanks...and that is hilarious that you took a picture for proof.