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  1. On Dish, Fox Sports Detroit is saying not available in my area??? Don't see the game anywhere else when I do a search, but it shows I can watch a rebroadcast at midnite?? WTH
  2. Maybe they should look at the hit on Abby the other game, I'm sure that was charging and leaving the feet with a hit to the head.
  3. Total joke, if it was Ovy or Malkin, nothing would happen.
  4. I am conflicted with all my good memories I have had there and all the recent cup wins, but any arena that Cindy wins the cup in needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.
  5. Signed

    So we get another year of skating into the zone, stopping half way in along the boards, turn to look for someone to pass the puck to and then watch as the puck starts heading the opposite way. Got it
  6. Habs better start moving their feet and forechecking in the defensive zone because they cant expect Price to play like that every game. They are giving Boston way too much room and they seemed a little flat footed. Maybe it was a little rust.
  7. Very exciting game. Crunch was forechecking hard causing lots of bad passes. It didn't help the Griffins were a bit flat footed in the first. Saw Ken Holland and Mike Babcock, they were in the upper balcony behind section 222. Ken Holland and entourage crossed the street behind me as I drove past the arena to park. Always bring a sharpie, you never know who you will bump into. One more win, Lets Go Griffins!
  8. They look horrible design wise and the color is too light. Fail
  9. Anyone else see Malkin drive Crosby into the ice, it was hilarious.
  10. I believe this game is being rebroadcast at 3:00 pm today on the NHLN
  11. Besides the Pens losing 2 at home, this one brings the next biggest smile to my face How's that Presidents trophy working for you now? Sorry it doesn't get you the cup you actually have to play instead of diving the whole game.
  12. Watching the Pens lose in their own barn 2 games in a row brings a bigger smile to my face than watching the Wings win. Malkin's been invisible in this series. Go Flyers!
  13. On the NHL network Einsteins Bob Errey and Steve Weeks pick the Sharks to win tonight. Maybe thats the good luck we need.
  14. Lower price on the Yzerman jersey, $300.