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  1. McCarty vs May fight

    Not the best fight...but, if you ask me, definitely not a draw either...Mac lost...he took one right on the button to start it off...
  2. Octopus in Avs Country?

    They showed a quick clip of it during the montage at the end of the second period...just a close up of it being scooped up...
  3. Franzen's Hat

    Yeah, I noticed it too... It was like a crest almost..with the D in one corner and the winged wheel in the diagonal corner, it also had a baseball bat and a hockey stick crossing, kind of like a skull with was a cool hat...
  4. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Avalanche

  5. Tootoo's mistake... exactly...he should have learned from Tootoo's mistake...
  6. Tennessean Article

    Wow, that's an interesting take, maybe whoever wrote that article missed game 5....?
  7. Manny in studio on Vs

    I don't dislike Manny, but he's been pretty damn bad, he stumbles over his words and sounds very awkward, often with frequent pauses during his commentary.... I was watching a game last night with a couple of non-hockey fans and they were like... "who the hell is that guy"... Maybe with time he will start feeling more comfortable and do a better job...
  8. Sellout: yes or no?

    Still saw plenty of empty seats in the lower bowl.... but can't complain about a sellout!! Good stuff...
  9. Drake

    Agreed, substitute Tootoo for Lebda...
  10. Washington Capitals vs Florida Panthers

  11. "Sleeping Giants"

    After reading the article, it's clear that we've been misunderestimated. (sorry guys, couldn't pass that one up)
  12. Goal Question

    Sorry to hijack the thread...but... I was at that game, I stayed until the end and, well, it was awesome...I was getting heckled all night because I had wings stuff on...a little poetic justice at the end.
  13. Video of Mac's Return/Ovation?

    Someone's gotta have this, I usually DVR the games on Center Ice but had to resort to sopcast due to that godforsaken channel the NHL Network...
  14. Larry Murphy

    well said...
  15. Edmonton Oilers

    Honestly, I don't mind the oilers....I just get sick of Craig Mactavish's continuous whining when s*** doesn't go his way...didn't he get fined for calling some ref "retarded"?