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  1. gdt

    I hope you aren't mocking my earlier comment. Lol
  2. gdt

    It is the first period of the season and it is Buffalo but I like the feel of the team so far
  3. gdt

    Sammy. Nice hand-eye.
  4. Obviously. The point is zero consistency. I'll use Keith. Not a repeat offender but he did just as much damage and his elbow was blatantly disgusting. 7 games. I'll say again. It's a joke.
  5. Mcsorley got 23 for using a weapon. Shanahan is a joke, ex-wing or not.
  6. Joke. I'm actually mad. I think they mixed up Keith's suspension with Raffi.
  7. Philly vs. St. Louis would be great.
  8. Knowing what you have and seeing someones potential are completely different things.
  9. Blues because they are unexpected. Special teams for obvious reasons. Grinders because we have never won a cup without great contributions from our 4th and possibly 3rd lines.
  10. Don't come out of the zone with your head up your ass. No, let up necessary on that one.
  11. Didn't read the whole thread so maybe this was mentioned. Were D and Z supposed to be top line guys? Not to my understanding. They took a chance and it worked out. They saw potential. They didn't see, arguably the best player in the world at this present time. I don't want to jinx us but I trust our front office. Flip looked like Datsyuk tonight. Nice to see the unexpected happen.
  12. Nice. Forgot about him.
  13. I would say Helm.
  14. Nothing to to with losing. Unwritten rule. If you are Canadian you do not hope for the US and you do not hope for Russia, if you can help it. It's that simple. lol