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  1. 4/6 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blackhawks 1

    Hello people! Okay you must win tomorrow, beating the Hawks in regulation means the Oilers go up one more spot in the draft and Burkiepoo gets a worse pick....and who likes the Ducks anyway? Quack
  2. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

    Good game, see you guys in April!
  3. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

  4. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

    Shakes fist in air! Grabs beer in hand, does one of those religious crap dances and sits down to watch the game.
  5. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

    Nope, we have like 5 AHL guys that want to be in next year! I'll predict Lupul has 2 goals tonight.
  6. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

    Don't hate. And no you can't have Smyth TYVM. It's on sportsnet.
  7. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

    Hello again people! Good luck to both teams and may we have no more freeking concussions on our side. Throw us a win because I know we both would like to see a 1-8 det-edm meeting again!
  8. New topic: gas prices

    Nope, in North america they gas fuel stupid things.
  9. New topic: gas prices

    Just to let you know, you won tonight. But we will NEVER run out of gas.