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  1. Hello people! Okay you must win tomorrow, beating the Hawks in regulation means the Oilers go up one more spot in the draft and Burkiepoo gets a worse pick....and who likes the Ducks anyway? Quack
  2. Good game, see you guys in April!
  3. Oilers!
  4. Shakes fist in air! Grabs beer in hand, does one of those religious crap dances and sits down to watch the game.
  5. Nope, we have like 5 AHL guys that want to be in next year! I'll predict Lupul has 2 goals tonight.
  6. Don't hate. And no you can't have Smyth TYVM. It's on sportsnet.
  7. Hello again people! Good luck to both teams and may we have no more freeking concussions on our side. Throw us a win because I know we both would like to see a 1-8 det-edm meeting again!
  8. Nope, in North america they gas fuel stupid things.
  9. Just to let you know, you won tonight. But we will NEVER run out of gas.