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  1. wings4thecup06

  2. Taking a step back to cool off and look at this situation for a second, none of these players we've lost through waivers here recently have gone on to be, or ever were projected to be all stars. Pulkkinen had something this team sorely lacked (right hand, booming shot), but never really was given the opportunity to excel at this level. Lets be thankful we're not doing a Boston and losing a guy who is in arguably one of the top 10 fowards in the league today.... I think what bothers me truly is the fact that its bad management and poor decisions which is resulting in us losing players like this. It's not the quality of players, it's more the way we're losing them. For me, (and I'd like to think this is why a lot of anger and frustration is coming toward KH at the moment) its the simple fact that all of these situations were/are avoidable. In trying to find reasoning behind it all, I think KH's hands are sort of tied by ownership here, and maybe we really need to question what's going on behind the scenes instead of just venting at KH for his inability to do things. Look at it this way. Ownership has probably said the biggest thing they care about is simply having a winning team and making the playoffs, regardless. If we look at the Tigers (who had a great season thanks to how Dombrowski traded all the pending free agents 2 years ago for excellent prospects who were a core part of the team's success this past season), DD was fired for his trade deadline day sale. You have to think that if KH doesn't keep signing 'veteran plugs' and frees up roster spots for guys like Pulkkinen, Mantha, AA, Sproul and Ouellet to actually play every night and establish their game at the NHL level, it could blow up in his face if the kids don't produce, the Wings miss the playoffs and KH loses his job. The same goes for a trade. Say we trade Nyquist and a couple prospects/picks for Trouba, and he struggles? We lose offense and get worse. Not a risk he's willing to take. And on the surface, it's incredibly short sighted. Sure, a guy like Vanek has a proven track record and looks like he plays better right now than say AA or Mantha. But in 2 years time? Given the ice time, we all know that both Mantha and AA would be better players, and the organisation would have 2 genuine, young top 9/6 forwards entering their primes HAVING 2 years + of NHL experience instead of being 24/25 and trying to figure out how to thrive in the NHL. And it really pisses me off when I hear all these quotes from Blashill and management saying the young guys have to knock someone off the roster or be better than everyone else just to get a job. And that's fine if you're actually going to give them the chance to learn and play at the NHL level. But there isn't actually the opportunity for any of these kids to actually earn it. (the exception was Larkin, but he is for our organisation a generational player) AA getting 6 minutes a night doesn't cut the mustard either. Look at the quotes from Fletcher after the Wild claimed Pulkkinen: "He's played a top-six role at every level," said Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher. "It remains to be seen whether he can do it at the NHL level, but that's the opportunity we'd like to give him, and we'd certainly like to see if he can do it." Pulkkinen has played 70 NHL games, and the Wild are giving him the chance to excel and prove what he can do. Where is this philosophy from the Wings? They'd rather have one of Minny's washed up cast offs (Vanek) in hope he can rediscover his magic from 10 years ago when he was lighting it up in Buffalo as a young 20 something player. And if he scores 20, then great. But this is a player who is trending downwards, and we can all objectively see is just holding up a roster spot for Mantha or AA to learn and grow their games at the NHL level. And fundamentally, that is the problem plaguing the Wings right now. KH is scared of giving young guys the opportunity because he knows they'll experience growing pains which = losing which = missing the playoffs which = KH losing his job. And in the short term, that means the team won't be as successful. But in the long term it would mean we'd potentially be better. But instead, he goes out and signs over the hill veterans (Ott, Vanek) whom he knows will at least play at a respectable level, just enough for us to make the playoffs = KH keeps his job. And as a result, it stunts the growth of the organisation because guys who are on the cusp of the NHL (Seriously, how many years have we been talking about Sproul and Ouellette?) don't get the chance to grow their game and we lose them to waivers.....
  3. Thing is, I don't believe management feels like AA is a top 6 forward, nor are they willing to even give that to him (or let him have the chance to earn it). Look at his usage in the playoffs for exhibit A of that.... I'd love to agree with you, but I think it's kinda obvious Vanek is here to slot into the top 6, and no way will he live up to that. And this is exactly why I have a problem with KH's trend of signing these veterans. this isn't 2002 anymore, when we can slot a good veteran whose production has declined (Robitaille) on the 4th line... These signings are being counted on for quite a bit of offence, and if it doesn't work we're kinda screwed. Because management continue to want to just keep a barely alive playoff team on life support rather than go with more youth full time even if we miss the postseason for a year or two. I would also happily jettison Nyquist in a package for a good D man, but somehow with Holland's trade track record and love for his own players, I don't see it happening and I can highly envision a scenario in which he'll state the price for D men was too high (in his defence it will be high, but if you don't take a risk or two you never know) and AA and Mantha are both in GR because of their waiver exemption status. While I fully expect at least one of Sproul or Ouellet to be exposed to waivers and probably claimed. Sorry for the negativity, and while I'm fully behind this team, and appreciate how lucky we have been for 25 straight years, it seems like salary cap induced parity is an excuse for mediocrity...
  4. Agree with you on nielsen, and an important signing. Also thought the term was too long, but this is the nature of the beast these days its seems. Side note, I love how everyone is preparing for another lockout with all the contracts signed at the moment being mostly made up of bonuses which are salary protected.... Also agree about Helm. While he has been inconsistent, his speed is an element that is key these days, and while the money was a bit too much, I'm glad he;s still here. I have a problem with the Vanek signing for 2 reasons: 1. It represents an ongoing philosophy from KH whereby it seems he keeps signing 'veterans' on cheap deals that were once pretty good but are now obviously falling off the table in the hopes they regain their old magic. The problem here is that they actually don't regain this kind of magic, and instead of being a key player like KH hopes they will be, the end up clogging up a roster spot and prohibiting the team moving forward. 2. It's also another example of how KH really doesn't seem to want to give guys like Mantha and AA a real chance at getting good quality minutes at the NHL level, let alone make the roster. My own personal opinion is that it's holding this team back. We need to develop these new core players and give them the responsibility, yet eliminating roster spots by signing veterans who are basically past their prime is misguided in my opinion, and tantamount to another first round exit. (i'll eat my hat is Vanek scores 20-30 goals and am perfectly fine with that) Ott I don't mind, because he brigns needed grit and energy and someone who actually will stick up for teammates besides Smith and Abby. Yes, it still eats another roster spot though, but ah well...
  5. How many years now have we been saying that for? And how far has it got us? Seriously this team needs a trade of a core player to light a fire under everyone else's asses to show them they're accountable, and to give AA and Mantha a spot to let them know their jobs are on the line if they don't produce
  6. After sleeping on it, I like the Nielsen move (albeit too much term really) and Ott on paper gives us some sandpaper this team sorely lacks. While Vanek might turn good, he's trending massively downwards, and is essentially just likely to take up a roster spot. If this team is ever going to move forward, they need to give AA and Mantha a starting role with lots of minutes. But, we can see, that KH refuses to move the youth of this team forward it would seem and having them compete for jobs at camp is just another misnomer that equals 'you'll start in GR'. I guess I'm just frustrated. Both the Vanek and Ott signings would be good if this team was actually close to competing for the cup - like Stuart and Dallas Drake in 08. But they're not. And the reality is, while they might play well, they're both taking up roster spots for younger guys who need to learn how to carry the torch and actually take us forward. Otheriwse we won't see another Cup for a good decade. These are just my thoughts. But why is KH so unwilling to pull the trigger on a trade, and risk giving up say, Tatar or Nyquist for a good defenseman? Yes they'll cost a lot, but we have too many soft Tatar's and Nyquists, and with numerous guys (Sproul, Oullette, Frk?, Jensen) now no longer waiver exempt, what have we got to lose?
  7. Stamkos was kind of a pipe dream anyway, and to know that he re-signed makes it a hell of a lot easier to swallow than choosing some other team on the market than the Wings. Really though, this team needs a trade. And not someone minor, like Jurco. Someone with bigger responsibility to show that they aren't happy with this team, and that everyone isn't as safe and secure as they thought and that they have to actually take responsibility for playing better. I am very scared that KH will overpay Okposo, Lucic or Nielson and for at least 5 years and we'll have another Steven Weiss on our hands and the Datsyuk money he freed up will be worthless. Much much rather see them promote AA, Mantha, Ouellet and Sproul full time and give Mrazek 60 starts and just go with it. If we miss the playoffs we miss. I'd much rather see the organisation actually take a stance in believing in our young guys going forward and actually giving them the minutes and responsibility to reach their potential, rather than every year tagging on some old aged players way past their golden years who eat up minutes just to make us another easy target for a first round exit, frustrating everyone more in the process. Give us a direction Ken, right now we're stuck in no mans land.
  8. Come on, realistically, no one is going to take Ericsson off our hands. The guy has been brutal at times with his inconsistency, and that contract isn't going to do anyone any favours. If you ask me, KH is kinda f***ed here by this whole situation. Yes he hasn't helped himself with some of the deals he's made (or lack thereof) but like, Datsyuk leaving creates a huge problem. Look at it this way: 1. If he sits and eats the $7.5m cap space, he's going to get torn to shreds because he's responsible for not being able to move that space and then we'd never even have a shot at competing to sign Stamkos, or for that matter, one or two of the better free agents out there. E.g. Backes. 2. If he is able to clear it, he'll have to give up someone he doesn't want to, and considering the fact that there's only one reasonable team that can take on that contract now, the price will be relatively high. So there'll be considerable backlash if he ends up having to give up say, Jurco plus a pick. And then what if he strikes out in free agency? No Stamkos, no Backes, no Okposo etc etc. Really, I think Howard needs to be moved this offseason, but again, that's going to be even harder now with the expansion announcement coming. I'd love to see Ericsson shipped out, but again, who's going to take on that contract and give us a good return? Ideally, I'd like tos ee the kids play. Give AA, Mantha, Ouellet and Sproul full time jobs and hand them the reigns. If we miss the playoffs then so be it. but having Datsyuk leave a year early with an already declining Zetterberg makes this decision to turn the page somewhat easier.
  9. Why is everyone so anti-McJesus on here? Ok, so he didn't play half the season, but when he did he ended up with the 3rd best PPG in the league this year. Isn't that pretty good? I don't think he should get it because he didn't olay a full year, but you can't blame the league for nominating him when clearly he's the best rookie by a mile, especially coming back from a broken clavicle. I hate the NHL hype machine too, but you can't deny that the guy is a superior talent. Would Panerin have scored 30 if he didn't have Kane feeding him all year long whilst on a career year?
  10. Is anyone actually surprised about this? Seriously? I hate the corporate way sports has become, but it is what it is. And sadly, money rules the world. So what can we expect? Enjoy the last season at the Joe while you can. I'm looking forward to visiting the new arena just to see how it is in comparison with JLA, but while I'm sad that the new rink has a corporate name all over it, I'm not surprised in the slightest.
  11. The problem here is that KH will not have the stones to pull the trigger on a trade that might actually get us that top pair D man - we're not going to get it in free agency, but we do have some pieces to trade. My own personal opinion is that I think KH over values our own prospects and young players, and as such wants to hold on to them as much as possible, instead of trading a few of our expendable guys for someone legitimate that would upgrade the team and help us...... Signing Stamkos would be awesome, but i strongly doubt it'll happen.
  12. Dude you can't just do a Ken Holland and over value your own players to fill a top 6 role! (jokes). In all seriousness, Glendening is awesome, but he has hands of stone. He can't play in the top 6. He should be a 4th line shut down guy ala Maltby of years past driving people nuts.
  13. GDT

    I think its really easy to blame the coach, but the players have to be accountable also. I think both in part are to blame, but can you really help mother nature and the course of time slowing players down? Surely then that does fall on the coaching/management to maximise these players abilities and supplement them with others who can thrive. I don't know if Blashill has done that successfully or not tbh, but there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind closed doors we'll never know. It does concern me though and has for a long time how this team still fails to get up for the start of a lot of games, or just loses it in the 3rd....
  14. Its difficult to know what to do with the back end, but the fact that Quincey was scratched for game 4 just baffles me. Especially over Ericsson. Granted he had a good game 3 but even then, like, he's been a turnover machine and is far too soft on the puck. I'd personally like to see us re-sign Quincey and get rid of Ericsson, but I know that's not going to happen. No one will take that contract, and we know he isn't going to get bought out either. Smith is far too inconsistent I feel, but has played well with Green this year, so they'll probably stay together. I'd rather see Ouellet up here full time now and get consistent playing time, as last season I thought he was way better than Marchenko, and wondered if Alexei got more time and won that battle because he was right handed? Not to say Marchenko is bad, he's fine. but I don't see him wing more than a bottom pair player really at this point. So something really needs to change tbh.....
  15. AH its all rubbish. They haven't been a good potent consistent PP threat for a long time. Like, they've only got one way to get in, because this team is horrendous along the boards and never wins puck battles. So they constantly do that play where they drop pass at centre back to Dats, and if Pavel isn't out there, someone usually f***s up the entry because the D steps up at the line. Combine that with the fact that they have no potent threat to shoot the puck from the point since Lidstrom retired (Yes Pulkkinen would help, but he's too one dimensional, and even when he was out there this season they didn't even use him at the top of the circle....baffles me) and they are way too static, don't skate or move the puck fast enough to actually get the penalty kilers out of position to exploit the man advantage, and its easy to see why they suck. They get the puck and there's no urgency, it's literally like they're waiting for the opposition to make a mistake or bite first.