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  1. I like the Howie save idea. How about one of him facewashing Cindy?
  2. LOL LOL Does anyone know how to make these? Ive got a few in mind, lol
  3. GO WINGS! Imma be screaming for ya tonight at the Joe!
  4. Anything I need to know? Im going with my friend and our gf's. I hear the Pens fans are a little roudy. Anyone have any stories? Also, where do Wings fans go down there? Anywhere specific?
  5. Well for some reason they stopped the sales, did they stop it at 10 or do you think it was a Ticketmaster screw up to let us buy tix?
  6. Just got two tickets to Game 5 and 7! I don't think I've ever been so excited... GO WINGS!!
  7. Yea i have that one and no tickets are available in my price range. Was hoping someone had the season ticket holder one. When do tickets go on sale to the general public?
  8. Can I get that code too pleasee I have the red wings world one but no tickets are left in my price range. Anyone have the season ticket holder one?