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  1. Looking at all the threads abouf FAs, next year changes.... I was wondering what is the status of Fischer? Is there any chance he's gonna be back playing?
  2. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    If Chelios not shaking hands was (maybe) a lack of sportmanship, the fact that those ******* ducks put their Western champions hat BEFORE shaking hands was a total lack of class for me but again no surprise here... It's a small detail but they could have waited....
  3. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Thanks for the link.
  4. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Are we 100% that Chelios didn't shake hands?? I mean, I haven't read it anywhere in the news and I'm sure TSN would have been happy to mention it if true... Maybe Chelios will be asked about it tomorrow afternoon if he does his radio interview, so calm down and wait !
  5. Injury Tally Over/Under?

    I think you're right for Zetterberg saying it's worse...Last night he didn't take many face offs, maybe because of his back getting worse games after games.. I'd be interested to know for Sammy and Lidstrom although Sammy was getting better every game (at least that's what I think). Same for Calder...broken hand has been only a rumor and I'd like to know what is the truth. Also, does anyone think that Homer never looked the same after Pronger hit? Don't know if he still was feeling any effects or just a coincidence...
  6. Babcock's Fault

    But he was on the bench for the 2 other periods...
  7. Babcock's Fault

    We lost because Hasek didn't play well and we missed so many chances. It was a real close game. One thing I don't get is why Quincey played only 4 shifts?? He doesn't look bad out there, our Ds afre going to be exhausted... Also Draper barely played over 9mn... I know we were running after the score but still.... Can't wait till Sunday... Go Wings !
  8. Holmstrom Hit from Behind

    Hey moron, the hit was legal ??? So this is why all the guys on TSN are debating if pronger should be suspended? Oh wait, I forgot, you know so much better than all those experts.... Go back to your quacks boards and don't come back here except if you have something smart to say.
  9. Yeah the clip is interesting for several reasons: - It's hard to see Vladdy barely standing up, 10 years after the accident - Bertuzzi looks even slower than lang , but hopefully he'll contribute. - It is absolutly true that Giguere is not good at all moving side to side, so let's make him move !
  10. Sorry if it's already been posted but this is a nice short video with Vladdy, Giguere, Bertuzzi and Stevie's Canadian team. Video Link CBC Go Wings !
  11. What's Detroit's Record since 97...

    I believe the Wings were 2-0 in 2002 since Colorado was leading 3-2. Detroit faced elimination the next 2 games.
  12. (Red) Bird (2) Watching

    I thought the Wings were using the airport in Romulus and not the Detroit Metro airport ?
  13. Steve Yzerman Retirement Ceremony

    Is there still someone seeding?!
  14. Hi! I'm looking for a copy of the Wings-Blackhawks game of last week (Thursday the 13th) I will cover of course the shipping and blank VHS/DVD. I live in Chicago... Thanks in advance! GO WINGS