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  1. Does anybody have a stream maybe? Stayed awake all the while, would be s***ty if there's no game now
  2. lgw

    -Start the SopCast stream and let it buffer. -VLC, go to Open Network Stream, select "HTTP" option, and type in (If port 8902 doesn't work, try 8912). -You MUST leave SopCast running; closing SopCast closes the stream.
  3. lgw

  4. lgw

    It is all explained here: If you are to lazy to search: Start the Sopcast Stream, open VLC-Player, go to Open Network Stream, select "HTTP" option, and type in Let Sopcast run and whatch the stream via VLC
  5. lgw

    Here you can find all information needed to use the stream, also the link: The link directly to the stream: sop://
  6. lgw

    Hey guys! Just read about your problems. SopCast is working fine for me! Just try channel 38794, use VLC Player. Good luck!
  7. No, the guy who streams this game decided to do so because there are so many games on tonight and not enough streams.
  8. Just click at the link next to the Detroit game
  9. Link to a sopcast stream: Go Wings!!
  10. Bruce McLeods online Blog confirms the Sopel to CHI rumor.
  11. I tried to mobilize the german Red Wings Fans! Hope it'll help
  12. I'm interested
  13. Hey guys! The ultimate site to find online streams of NHL games is Have fun