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  1. Jason Williams signs 1 year contract with Pittsburgh

    It's really just a depth signing. He won't beat out Tangradi and other prospects unless mass injuries occur.
  2. Mike Modano signs with Detroit

    Click for buzz kill: http://blog.mlive.com/snapshots/2010/08/no_mike_modano_has_not_yet_dec.html Edit: Just noticed the time of the article, so maybe this doesn't hold much water anymore.
  3. TSN: Discussion of Modano To Wings

    Anchors discussing the viable possibility of Modano finishing out his playing career on a 1 year deal in Detroit. Saying it makes sense and that he fits the system as long as he can deal with the possibilities of Babcock benching him. They weren't even suggesting that this was being rumored about, just that they would like it to happen. I think it's a good idea if the price is right. Gives us some PP options if things aren't working out well.
  4. Darren Archibald Invited To Camp

    As a former high school teammate of this poster, I can fully vouch for the legitimacy of his run-ins (literally) with opposing team's goalies, haha. The fans usually didn't appreciate it at the away games, to say the least.
  5. Eurotwins to be reunited

    What I would love to see given our cap space (obviously dependent on what these players want on the market and what our RFAs/Potential 6th D end up getting). Option 1 (defensive-minded): - Sign Evgeny Artyukhin (RW, right-handed, Previous Cap Hit: 1 million) - Affordable, huge, fast skater who throws some huge hits and will drop gloves on occasion. Not neccesarily defensively-responsible, but adds a ton of energy to an already speedy, energetic 4th line. Also, allows Cleary to stay on the 3rd line, who is more defensively-responsible than most UFA's that would take his spot. Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Holmstrom Franzen - Filppula - Hudler Bertuzzi - Abdelkader - Cleary Eaves - Helm - Artyukhin *I am fully aware that Hudler does not play right wing, just a hypothetical situation where I'd like to see him getting second line minutes (either on his off wing or someone else having to do that). Option 2 (offensive-minded): - Sign Marek Svatos (RW, right-handed, Previous Cap Hit: 2.05 million) - Should probably have a lower cap-hit due to injuries, lack of production last year... but he's about a point per every other game type player with a great shot and some offensive potential that has been seen at times). Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Holmstrom Franzen - Filppula - Bertuzzi Hudler - Abdelkader - Svatos Eaves - Helm - Cleary Add a player with goal scoring potential to the third line, making the top 3 lines all legitimate scoring threats. Svatos could be a nice option on the second PP unit, as well. If he has Jason Williams syndrome half way through the season: Promote Cleary and dress Riotla.
  6. Lapierre at it Again

    Maxim Lapierre hat trick = 2 Dives and a Goal
  7. First Round Grades

    I agree for the most part, but I'd change a couple (mainly giving props to the grinders): Datsyuk - A- (great when it mattered toward the end but he was rather unspectacular in the early games) Lidstrom - A- (defensively more suspect than usual, especially in the losses) Eaves - B (provided a ton of energy and enthusiasm, does the little things right when he isn't producing points) Miller - B+ (similar to Eaves, provided the intangibles that you need to wear down a team) Helm - B (drew a few key penalties, continually hit and forechecked) Eaves, Miller and Helm aren't expected to produce points (though they do on occasion), so judging their performances by stats makes things a bit ambiguous. They played their roles well and constantly forced turnovers and wore down the Phoenix defensemen.
  8. Extremely Quick Turnaround (maybe)

    ahhhhhh stop all the jinxes!!!!!!!
  9. Kovalchuk will not be a Red Wing

    Kovalchuk is obviously a bit of a pipe-dream, unless he is extremely serious about winning the Cup (enough so to take a pay cut that he wouldn't need to take on other teams with legitimate cup chances). Unless he loved his time in the Olympics playing on Datsyuk's wing (where they both weren't as impressive as I would have expected), I don't see him losing out on cash to go to a team that isn't as dominant as they once were. More realistic UFA's that I would love to have would be: - Tomas Plekanek (26 years old) - Last Contract: 2.6 million: We already have a plethora of capable centers and are in dire need of scoring wingers, so I doubt this will happen. I would be surprised to see Montreal let him get away regardless. - Alexandre Frolov (27 years old) - Last Contract: 4 million: A little expensive, but I could see him fitting in decently on Datsyuk's wing if we could fit him in. Solid 2-way player who hasn't reached his alleged offensive potential completely, but has reached 30 goals on two separate occasions. - Alexei Ponikarovsky (29 years old) - Last Contract: 2.5 million: Big, scoring winger that is good defensively as well. Stuck in the black hole that is Toronto for a while, which may have limited his offensive capabilities (although he isn't doing any better for Pittsburgh) but he still put up respectable numbers. - Evgeny Artyukhin (26 years old) - Last Contract: 1 million: Obviously not as offensively talented as the previous three, but he is massive, fast and likes to throw big hits. He has talent if he can put it together and we all know players have a tendency to over-achieve when they play with the Wings. If Lidstrom leaves: - Paul Martin (28 years old) - Last Contract: 4.5 million: Sound defenseman with some inherent offensive instincts. I think he's more of an unknown due to the lack of publicity that the Devils get (until recently with Kovy), but he seems very reliable and would have a respectable salary. - Zbynek Michalek (26 years old) - Last Contract: 1.5 million: I've heard that he's a great defenseman for 2 years now but was among those guilty of never watching the Coyotes. I've watched him a couple times during the season this year and in the playoffs (hasn't been as good as usual) and he definitely lives up to the hype. He's going to get a big raise, though. - Dan Hamhuis (26 years old) - Last Contract: 2.5 million: Seems like he's been around for a while but he's only 26 years old. I thought he was great when he was a rookie and 2nd year player, but haven't watched him as much recently. Solid first pass and trustworthy in the defensive zone. - Anton Volchenkov (27 years old) - Last Contract: 3.2 million: Great shot blocker and open ice hitter. Would probably solidify our defense as the most physical in the NHL (weird considering our perception in that area a couple years ago). Probably going to get a hefty raise, but he'd be a nice get. Obviously none of those defensemen can fill the void left by Lidstrom (no one can besides maybe Drew Doughty or Duncan Keith for the time being), but they would round out our defense and give us three good pairings. Hopefully Kindl can live up to his draft hype.
  10. Kovalchuk will not be a Red Wing

    You don't watch him, do you? Just because he shoots a lot does not mean he's a puck hog. He has one of the most elite shots in the league and is a scoring winger, that's his role. He is a great passer and runs the power play extremely well. Anyone who doesn't want Kovalchuk due to anything other than monetary reasons is being silly. On top of the skill, he's also one of the most passionate players I've ever seen play in the NHL.
  11. Adam Almquist

    I think comparing him to Tobias Enstrom is getting carried away as it is. Enstrom is a premier player in the NHL, he's just stuck in a black-hole of a franchise that is Atlanta (yeah, they've been decent this year but his skills are often overlooked). Sure he seems to have great hockey sense and playmaking ability, which is comparable to Enstrom, but Enstrom has much more strength to his name and obviously has proven abilities at higher levels than the SEL. With that said, for our last pick of the draft he seems to have potential steal written all over him. Luckily for us, with the help of a personal trainer he could easily bulk up and we have no instant need for him so that will give him a nice amount of time to progress in the SEL.
  12. Good articles on Patrick Eaves and Pavel Datsyuk

    It's basically saying that whatever he did say was in reference to those players. For example, he could have said "...guys like Drapes, Lids, Rafi and Ozzie" and for whatever reason the writer chose to put their full names instead of the nickname. Not really sure why he didn't do the same for Draper, but maybe that nickname is close enough to the real name that he didn't feel like it needed clarification. It's just a way for the writer to make a quotation more clear without directly changing the words that came from the player's mouth.
  13. 3/1 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Avalanche 2

    By some chance, I hope Babcock took notice of the other teams in the olympics defensive play. - Raflaski is much better when he is the defenseman that is relied on in his pairing. - Lidstrom and Kronwall play well together. If these things were noticed, I think it would be pretty cool to try out something like this: Lidstrom - Kronwall Rafalski - Stuart Ericsson - Lilja
  14. If you can't beat them on the scoreboard...

    This reminds me of a great story. My friend and high school hockey teammate (a poster on this site), was locker-boxing the day of a college interview (want to say it was Stanford?) and he somehow managed to chip a front tooth or two and had to go to the interview like that right after. Not sure if that's the way you want to present yourself to an elite school, unless you were going on a hockey (or maybe an agricultural) scholarship, haha. I'll keep his anonymity in tact for the time being, but let's see if he want's to own up!
  15. 2010 Winter Olympics - United States vs Norway (Group A)

    seconded... that's what I came on here to see. I've watched about 5 minutes and he's looked solid but it's hard to tell with that sample size. Anyone with some input?