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  1. Whatever. At least this guarantees no playoffs and high picks for the next few years.
  2. This is gonna get messy. Some players are already outspoken about their intent to attend the Olympics whether they have permission or not. I see the NHL issuing coming out in the summer or early fall and announcing a huge fine to players who decide to go anyway. Something to the maximum monetary effect of a standard player contract. Waiting for the fireworks.
  3. Ok cool. Now please at least lose the two in Carolina. Or else that top 5 will become 12th pretty quick.
  4. Literally every time Abdelkader touches the puck, he turns it over.
  5. Lol. Guy second in points for our squad is scratched. Oh well, at least it leads to a more likely lost
  6. Hoping for a lost but with Hank continuing his point streak.
  7. D. Unloaded some pending UFAs but didn't move anything else, which means not committing to full rebuild.
  8. Where did all the Toronto ones come from?
  9. Per McKenzie. 3rd RD pick in 2017 and 2nd round in 2018.
  10. Now official.
  11. The 2nd is for 2018. Meh, I'll still take it.
  12. Only good trade deal I remember him making was Stuart from the Kings in 08. Still fuming over Jarnkrok a few years ago.
  13. I see a change of scenery doing him really good, especially with a winning franchise like Chicago. Worked well with Eaves.