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  1. Looking so bad.
  2. Tank it baby.
  3. Glad we kept Miller so much. Great guy.
  4. Unreal how Miller still makes this team.
  5. Also had 2 goals in 4 games during preseason and looked really good out there.
  6. Wings office says they let him go because "he never developed his scoring touch". Wasn't he #2 in goals last year in GR? Makes absolutely no sense.
  7. Check him out actually being realistic and calling a spade a spade. Not trying to sell anything.
  8. This is just insane. Holland seems to get worse every single year. Can anyone remember a decent free agent signing within the last 6 years? I can only think of Hossa. Oh and he just LOVES locking people past their prime to massive contracts and then being screwed when they can no longer play at an elite level. 6 year contract for a 32 year old? Are you kidding me?
  9. So lame. I think many of us used to joke on here about that being the name.....
  10. How the hell has no one posted this gem?
  11. GDT

    Wow. We seriously haven't scored 3 goals in a month?
  12. GDT

    I miss young Datsyuk.
  13. GDT

    Did Blash seriously put out Glendenning?
  14. GDT

    So offensively challenged.
  15. GDT

    Zetterberg's best game in a long time.