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  1. You and your friends run up your cell phone bill texting each other during the late road playoff games. Then calling each other when Detroit scores to tie the game late (Lang) then win in OT (Schneider).
  2. Wings win 4-0. Dom rebounds today like he did after game 2 when he gave up 4. Wings have scored at least 3 goas on Giguere from game 2, Wings have Giggy figured out he's slow moving post to post. Wings dominate early and often and close it out Tuesday night in Anaheim.
  3. McLennan definaltly woodchopped at Franzen he was skating by after the whistle there was no reason for him to do what he did. Lebda did not try to take out Lankow's knee's it was a clean hip check maybe you need to watch some 1980's hockey to see what a hipcheck is since it's not used a lot anymore. The uppercut was not justified; Calgary in all 3 games here have lost there composure; other than Hasek and his stupd stick swinging incident have kept their composure.
  4. How to lose your ability to score goals come playoff time- Pavel Datsyuk