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  1. 3/3 GDT: Canucks 6 at Red Wings 3

    All I've got is a black screen on Comcast's NHL channel. Bastards.
  2. 10/13 GDT: Red Wings 3, Hurricanes 1

    I like that Hurricane logo on these jerseys, with a hockey stick being the flag pole. Pretty neat. The moon is full and Ty really got some lucky bounces in that first period. I hope that continues!
  3. SCF Game 5 GDT: Penguins 4, Red Wings 3 (3OT)

    Shoot the cameraman on CBC who showed the freakin' Cup before the game was even close enough to being over.
  4. Okay, I'm officially sick of it

    No surprise. Versus was the All Crosby All The Time network all regular season. Two out of every three games was a Pittsburgh game. I was soooooooo sick of them, then to have to play them in the finals! Puke! Thankfully I get CBC, but I have to say during the conference final I had to even turn CBC off because the announcers were so in love with Crosbyburgh. Thank God Bob Cole is doing the finals. He always does a good job of being more about the hockey than about one team or another.
  5. Don cherry on HNIC

    I'm in a hurry so I've only read the first page of this thread, but I'm wondering what Coach's Corner some of you were watching. Cherry was NOT ripping on Detroit. He said after Boston that Detroit is his next favorite [team] city. He was disturbed (as I am too) by how many empty seats you see in Joe Louis Arena and how friends of his got 12 seats, center ice (up a bit) no problem the day before the game. He wasn't saying, "Detroit fans suck because they aren't showing up." He said Detroit fans aren't showing up because they like a tougher style game ala Probert days, etc. and that Illich needs to give the fans what will bring them out and get them excited. He mentioned how the fans reacted when McCarty first returned to the ice. Geez, people. Try LISTENING to what someone is saying instead of just thinking you heard what he said. Cherry has always been a big Detroit fan and always compliments them. ETA: Right before that Coach's Corner I was looking and listening to the fans and thought, "Detroit fans have become the Montreal fans of old at the Forum where they'd sit on their hands, while Detroit fans were loud and rowdy like the Montreal fans are now." I was at a playoff game a couple years ago and unless there was a goal scored the fans basically made no noise. It was the most ho-hum atmosphere I'd ever been at for an NHL game.
  6. Cherry to Join ESPN

    I love Don. In RL he's actually a big softie. Kudos to him for donating his fees to the Humane Society. I watch CBC over any other network for my hockey games, even Mickey and company (and Mickey cracks me up). BTW, in case anyone missed it, Grapes predicted the Wings in the finals. Yeah, maybe a no-brainer to some but I've found he is rarely wrong, especially when it comes to common sense things. Bottom line, he is entertaining whether you agree with him or not.
  7. WQF Game 3 (4/14) GDT: Predators 5, Red Wings 3

    I've never been a fan of sitting on a one-goal lead, no matter who you are or whether it's playoffs or regular season. With that much time left, doing that is suicide. Unfortunately the Red Wings got just what they deserved. Hopefully they can still pull off the win. I really wanted them to sweep this series so they could have some days off before Round 2.
  8. 4/13 GDT

    Go, Habs, go! (Or should I sing Ole!?) I want a Wings/Habs finals! Hey, I can dream, can't I?
  9. Ole Ole Ole Ole O-LE O-LE

    Anyone who doesn't like the "ole!" chant has never heard the fans in Montreal do it. Sounded particularly awesome tonight after their OT win over Boston. (Oooooooooo, how I'd love a Wings/Habs final......)
  10. McCarty called up

    Having watched McCarty play here in Flint this season, I'm happy for him to have made it back to the NHL. Hopefully we'll see him on the JLA ice very soon! Good for him.
  11. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    Red Wings Live tonight had a nice interview with Mac at the Griffins practice.
  12. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    Perhaps this is shallow and short-sighted on my part, but I'd love to see McCarty back in Detroit this year if for no other reason than to pound Pronger into a heap. The hate continues..... The so-called tough guys that the Wings have now will not be enough come playoff time against Anaheim.
  13. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    Flint blog today says McCarty will play for Flint tonight in Port Huron then go to Grand Rapids.
  14. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    No, but it sure puts butts in the seats! What good is it to win championships when the fan base is slowly slipping away? Who will pay for all those salaries without ticket sales remaining up? Detroit has a small barn now compared to most of the arenas in the league, no? Best fill up what seats there are, and who would do that better than McCarty? He is what so many people have missed about the "new" NHL...toughness, hits, fights. That's why those 3,000 fans left JLA and haven't come back. Don't get me wrong...I love winning, but I'm sure the ownership is in it for the bucks as much as winning.
  15. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    Yes, can I jump on the Mac-Pounds-Pronger bandwagon? Man, I hate Pronger, have ever since that playoff series against Edmonton a couple years back. Arrogant prick.