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  1. Poor coverage of the NHL in America

    I live in Kentucky where absolutely NO ONE cares about hockey...I dont even bother to watch a game at a bar, first off because no one wants to watch hockey..secondly, versus is a channel that a lot of people and businesses dont have, which is a damn shame. Thank god for hockey over the internet....speaking of that, I believe NHL Centerice is coming out with a package that you can purchase and watch on your computer over the internet (for those of us who cant get satellite)

    Bring em on!!....the Wings were 1-3 against them in the regular season...home ice advantage will play a huge part in this series for the Wings...Im gonna have to say Wings in six
  3. The NHL needs to do something about Officiating

    I agree with ya on that one...there was some HORRIBLE calls in this series...especially the goalie interference calls like when Maltby got pushed into the goal in game 5 they called off the goal and we went a man down for interference...or tonights interference call on Holmstrom--COME ON! There was absolutely no interference there...the Canadian announcers even said that was a bad call
  4. Holmstrom's injury

    Calgary did get a 4 minute penalty so there was blood...that leads me to believe it was a cut around his eye
  5. Holmstrom's injury

    Well the announcers said he went to the hospital, so I thought it may have been more serious than stitches..
  6. Holmstrom's injury

    Does anyone have any info on Holmstrom's injury? Was it to the eye? Go Wings!