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  1. Number 44?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.
  2. Number 44?

    Well, I do know that things happen in pre-season that don't stay the same when the regular season begins, but I personally have never seen a player switch his number back and forth.
  3. Number 44?

    I attended tonights game vs. Montreal and noticed that Aaron Downey is now wearing #44 instead of the #20 he wore last season. Does anyone know the reason behind it?
  4. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    I think Datsyuks jersery is backwards.
  5. PRE-GAME 3: (4/17) Red Wings @ Flames - 10:00 PM EDT

    3-0 sounds great to me, but how do you suggest we do that if Calgary scores first??? LOL No matter who scores first, lets all hope the Wings score more. This is a big BIG game. A win here will kill their spirits for sure! Dom has to be the best player on the ice. Big Bert needs to play, because if we get another 2 or 3 goal lead (in their building) they will start head hunting. If they get embarressed on the score board, they'll do their hardest to not get embarressed in the fights. Bertuzzi vs. Iginla would be a good fight!
  6. Thoughts going into Game 3

    Game 3 will be very close. They are going to be pumped to be at home plus we all know how Calgary's arena is in the playoffs and that will only motivate the flames more. We have to play our best game so far to win game 3 (IMO). If we win game 3 then I say we sweep. But I think we at least split, the excitment of their fans can only hold them for so long. Another early goal by us will be key to quieting down the Saddledome!
  7. Calgary coaching change.

    TSN currently has a poll asking if fans think Calgary should make a coaching change in order to try and change things up and turn things around in the series. If that were to happen I think it'd be crazy and I'm not too sure it'd help anything (not enough time to undo what's been done). Any thoughts about this hypothical question? How do you think it would turn out IF it happened?
  8. The way NBC films games

    Also with NBC, did anyone but me notice that some of their stats were wrong? For example when they said that Vernon and Jamie Macoun both played for Calgarys cup and the Wings 1997 cup. Macoun won a cup in Detroit in 1998, not 97. There were a couple other stats that were incorrect, but I can't remember what they were now. Another thing is why doesn't TSN know that Datsyuk was on the 2002 Cup winning team? Here they have the series info including the players that have won cups from both teams. But I don't see Dats on the list.
  9. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    Not really... Sergei left on his own. McCarty was cut due to the cap. Mac would have stayed here forever.
  10. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    That's good! We all still love Mac. I'm not sure he could do anything to have the citizens of Hockeytown hate him (like Fedorov). He'll get cheers for sure.
  11. G Joey MacDonald placed on waivers

    Babcock has done that a few times this season. I can't remember the dates... but I remember bitching about it. I think it was Hasek started against St. Louis and Ozzie or MacDonald one started against Nashville. It didn't make sense then and it doesn't now either! The only reason I can think of is that Nashville has a bad habit of taking out our goalies and Babs may rather risk loosing Ozzie over Dom.
  12. 5 Reason's Datsyuk Will NOT Be Traded

    Not Datsyuk... have you watched any playoff hockey the last 3 years??? He doesn't score in the playoffs... and until he starts, I'm not sure he's worth 5+ million a year you want to give him. I love Dats, but if I had to choose I'd take Hank 100% of the time. Nice Add to that anyone that is on IR at the time. The IR has a better chance of getting on the score sheet in the playoffs than Pavel does.
  13. Forsberg unhappy about trade

    Well, he had a no trade claus so if he didn't want to go he didn't have to go. In the video he's trying to make it sound like he had no choice in the matter. Plus, if we all remember Chelios really was upset when he left Chicago (of course he had been there longer than a year and a half too). I'm sure Forsberg will be fine.
  14. New York Daily News says Schneider is available?

    I don't believe that anybody said Schneider was available. Were trying to get better for the playoffs, he's been one of our best and most consistent players since he came here. No way Holland trades him!
  15. Yzerman fights

    Cool... thanks!