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  1. Vilmer

  2. Brad May clears waivers

    This saddens me.
  3. 10/15 GDT: Kings, 2 at Red Wings, 5

    Not working for me either
  4. Number Retirement

    Yes, #24 and #26 should be in the rafters.
  5. Theo Fleury Released by Calgary

    A real shame, I was pulling for him big time. He was playing great as well... Burkie, go and grab him!
  6. Do you think we can win

    We'll be fine
  7. Red Wings at Flyers

    Good stuff. I'm going to /quit the Flyers radio feed and wait, hopefully the Wings will answer back by then.
  8. Red Wings at Flyers

    Negative. I tried installing the Firefox IE sopcast plugin for the one feed, but it's offline :/
  9. Any streams for tonights Philly game ?

    Same Even after installing a bunch of plugins that are supposed to help.
  10. [GDT] 9/18 - NY Rangers, 3 @ Red Wings, 4

    What a shot, beauty!
  11. [GDT] 9/18 - NY Rangers, 3 @ Red Wings, 4

    I hope Bert pots one.
  12. Mark Your Calendars!

  13. Who do we try for next?

    What an awful off-season.
  14. Wings will re-sign Leino to a 2-year deal

    Not bad. Looks like Sammy is gone to the Canucks.
  15. Lets offer Draper and Maltby 5 year contracts!

    Draper is still valuable. Faceoffs are important.