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  1. This saddens me.
  2. Not working for me either
  3. Yes, #24 and #26 should be in the rafters.
  4. A real shame, I was pulling for him big time. He was playing great as well... Burkie, go and grab him!
  5. We'll be fine
  6. Good stuff. I'm going to /quit the Flyers radio feed and wait, hopefully the Wings will answer back by then.
  7. Negative. I tried installing the Firefox IE sopcast plugin for the one feed, but it's offline :/
  8. Same Even after installing a bunch of plugins that are supposed to help.
  9. What a shot, beauty!
  10. I hope Bert pots one.
  11. What an awful off-season.
  12. Not bad. Looks like Sammy is gone to the Canucks.
  13. Draper is still valuable. Faceoffs are important.