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  1. The Bowman Effect

    Anyone who thinks losing to Yzerman equals winning can exit the thread now. I am sure that we can all agree that the Wings will not contend the next two years for a cup. On year three is it time to make front office moves to try and get us back to finals contention? Basically what I see in Chicago is the blueprint that Detroit employed in the late 80s and early 90s coming up from being perennial losers. We got comfortable with winning and I am starting to think we let the wrong people get away and kept the wrong ones. If this is the case then the organization has to go back to the blueprint of trying to hire the best talent even if it means realizing that that current employees within the organization must go.
  2. The Bowman Effect

    I would agree that Lidstrom is absolutely the reason our defense has declined. However, we must also include the ascent of the Blackhawks which culminated upon the hire of Scotty. Sure, we need to shore up our defense and no one will replace a Nick Lidstrom but I don't see any moves being made to change this. Also, I don't see a reason for accepting mediocrity even in this post salary cap world. My thoughts are, if giving a head coach a contract extension beyond five years when he has been here ten is too long then shouldn't the organization have the same type of thinking with the front office? Regardless, Chicago is absolutely hot right now, I have no doubt it is partly due to their product on the ice but it is also because of their front office. Our organization used to go after those guys.
  3. The Bowman Effect

    Big elephant in the room. We have not won a cup in seven years and haven't been to a final in six. Scotty Bowman leaves our organization and makes an instant impact on the Hawks. They have won three cups since he left. I think the organization has drifted from a philosophy that helped build a winner and I would like to see us return. The philosophy is hire the best and let them work. We poached the Islanders chief executive when they were winning cups and then we poached Scotty not far removed from Pittsburgh's run. Scotty left and then Steve Yzerman. I know the conventional wisdom is that we couldn't keep them which may be true. However, I hope the front office is working to figure out ways to bring these men back. In short, we should begin once again work to bring the best brains in the NHL back into the fold not see them leave. In this age of player parody, front office brain power is emphasized and we let two extremely talented men leave the fold. You probably could include Jim Nill as well but his impact hasn't been nearly as large as Scotty's was. Detroit Redwings - Post Bowman 2008-2009 51-19-10 Regular Season, Lost Stanley Cup Finals 2009-2010 44-24-14 Regular Season, Lost Western Conference Semifinals 2010-2011 47-25-10 Regular Season, Lost Western Conference Semifinals 2011-2012 48-28-6 Regular Season, Lost First Round 2012-2013 24-16-8 Regular Season, Lost Western Conference Semifinals 2013-2014 39-28-15 Regular Season, Lost First Round 2014-2015 43-25-14 Regular Season, Lost First Round Chicago Blackhaws - Bowman Era 2008-2009 46-24-12 Regular Season, Lost Western Conference Finals 2009-2010 52-22-8 Regular Seasons, Won Stanley Cup 2010-2011 44-29-9 Regular Season, Lost First Round 2011-2012 45-26-11 Regular Season, Lost First Round 2012-2013 36-7-5 Regular Season, Won Stanley Cup 2013-2014 46-21-15 Regular Season, Lost Western Conference Finals 2014-2015 48-28-6 Regular Season, Won Stanley Cup Tampa Bay Lightning - Steve Yzerman Era 2009-2010 34-36-12 Regular Season, Pre-Yzerman 2010-2011 46-25-11 Regular Season, Lost Easter Conference Finals 2011-2012 38-36-8 Regular Season, No Postseason 2012-2013 18-26-4 Regular Season, No Postseason 2013-2014 46-27-9 Regular Season, Lost First Round 2014-2015 50-24-8 Regular Season, Lost Stanley Cup Finals Dallas Stars - Jim Nill Era 2012-2013 22-22-4 - Pre Jim Nill 2013-2014 40-31-11 Regular Season, Lost First Round 2014-2015 41-31-10 Regular Season, No Postseason Jim Nill's impact has remain to be seen but he has been granted time in Dallas. Steve Yzerman has clearly made the right changes in Tampa Bay and their team is on the rise. The largest loss impact wise is Bowman. Chicago has developed into a dynasty with him and his son. Should also be noted that they are doing so with Joel Quenneville as coach, a man who Scotty was able to dominate in the 90s. Our beloved franchise has seen better days, we could conclude that this is due to the youth movement in Detroit but I don't think this movement is helped by a brain drain in Detroit. I don't see the Red Wings coming close to competing for a Stanley Cup in the next two years. I hope to see something year three but if nothing happens, I would hope that big changes would be made in the front office.
  4. "Crosby Sucks" chant!

    87to71 A visiting team has never skated around with the cup at JLA in our lifetimes and it wont happen this time!
  5. Gary Thorne article

    Who can forget?
  6. "Crosby Sucks" chant!

    The only Red Wings games that I have attended have been in Nashville and I thought it was completely asinine for the Preds fan to chant that every Red Wing sucked (including the coach). Saturday's game was the first time that I had ever heard Red Wings fans chant that someone collectively sucked. I tried to ignore it. I want Crosby to lose because he is on Pittsburgh's team but it is foolish to think he sucks. The chant does nothing to take away from a player. I have always thought chanting the person's name in an antagonist manner was far more effective (IE the Roy chants).

    Eh, F*ck NBC smacks of being an immature spoiled brat. You are never going to get your way with someone by telling them to eff off. I understand why they are doing it (disperse people for more viewers/higher ratings) but I don't think it will bring them good PR. At most they will make up on 20-40k in viewership. Going with that approach with get you much further with NBC. PS, the TV stations have the same type of policy regarding the Super Bowl.
  8. One thing I am just sick of from everybody

    I don't think I would be so upset if it weren't for a couple problems. 1) Those who state the fix is in when the Red Wings PK has been horrible. 2) Those same people who cry bloody murder when things go wrong are all cheery and happy go lucky when things go right. I think its rediculous for an individual to call "fix, fix, fix" and then cheer when the Red Wings score.
  9. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 4

    I am not going anywhere just because I call out some of the whining BS by posters. I would rather Detroit be on the PP for 60 minutes but thats not happening. I would rather Detroit not be on the PK at all but thats not happening. Detroit cannot control officiating anymore then the whining (the fix is in crowd) on this board but they can control the PK. Detroit is now only 3 FOR 7 ON THE PENALTY KILL! If they were 6 for 7 then I think guys like you would keep their mouths shut because Detroit would be up 3-0 in the series. BTW, get upset if Lidstrom and Franzen are done wrong. I don't have a problem with it but I do have a problem with people who whine about this game being fixed when it is so blantantly obvious that if our team does better on the PK then this series is over. Turnovers are another thing killing our team (although to a lesser extent).
  10. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 4

    Dude, are you serious? It doesn't matter how many calls you "feel" the refs should make! The Detroit PK has been atrocious and its not like Pittsburgh is getting a wealth of calls. Less than 50% PK in my mind usually equals GOING HOME A LOSER! Thankfully, we have a team that is able to rise above that (somehow).
  11. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 4

    Guys please stop it with the fix is in! Bottom line is if Detroit kills 80-90% of the Pittsburgh PP attempts then this is a closeout game. Bettman doesnt skate on the Detroit PK.
  12. This article is retarded (ACG's words not mine) for two reasons: 1) If nobody watches the finals then you can all but guarentee that future finals will be broadcasted on the Lifetime channel. 2) If more Americans watch the finals then one of the major networks will pickup the whole series, PERIOD! I said this in the chat on Thursday and the response I got was bitter. The average American cares more about Dancing with the Stars and American Idol than hockey. As long as the major networks get higher ratings for those shows then they WILL NOT PAY TO BROADCAST the Stanley Cup finals. Someone mentioned that Bettman has failed to promote the game but that is absolutely bull crap. The NHL has expanded greatly since he became commissioner but it still not mainstream enough. Pinning the lack of league viewership on a lack of promotion is over-simplification of the problem. Unfortunately, I think our fans fail to realize the reason why they are different (and absolutely are crazy about the sport); is because hockey has been apart of our culture for nearly 100 years now. The rest of the country has to catch-up and it will take time. I propose three solutions: 1) Get the NHL to continue to promote individual stars for maximum exposure. I know that Red Wings fans HATE this idea as they are sick of hearing about Crosby. However, it works! 2) Let the league continue its slow growth into mainstream America and eventually every major network will be fighting to broadcast the Stanley Cup Finals 3) Help to explain your love of the sport to other people, get them watching, and see viewership increase. That is one of the quickest ways to increase viewership and insure national broadcasts for all SCF games.
  13. SCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 4

    How long did they have 6 men on the ice and did Babcock complain?
  14. Olczyk - biased analyst

    Come on guys, we were spoiled with Bill Thorne and Gary Clement. Those where the days of great NHL broadcasts!!! Doc is pretty good except when he throw in cross sports references. It seems that many of them are forced. Anyone notices how extremely close Pierre stands to people. Also, I am getting tired of him saying "have fun" or having fun." He is just too repetitive concerning his commentary. Olczyk is right on some of those non-calls (interference) but he should also notice that the officials haven't called much of anything this series! The Hossa "slash" was not a penatly; they Pittsburgh player didn't hold on to his stick. Outside of that, Pittburgh was given a great gift when Malkins suspension was overturned so I am sure you wont her much griping for game three.
  15. Wierd Stat

    LOL! I think there are more Wings fans in TN then Pred fans! I am always taking in a game at the Sommet Center. I have actually never seen a Wings game at the Joe. I did have a change to get 1 Game Five ticket but it was for $514.00