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  1. Detroit interested in Marleau

    Another guy who disappears in the playoffs? The best, most productive playoff performer in Sharks history is Marleau. He actually is one of the few who has "shown-up!" Multiple hat trick games in the playoffs.
  2. a nabakov 4 schneider thought

    For obvious reasons the Sharks are stuck with with this situation mainly because NOBODY saw Toskala coming! He did not get his role as a starter until JUST AFTER Nabokov signed his extension. Played too good for Ron Wilson to get Nabby back in. Make no mistake, had Toskala not played so well (February - on) everyone would be convinced that Nabokov was paid a fair salary. It's not his fault that Toskala rode an incredible (Shark standards) streak. Sure it's easy to say Nabokov is over-priced, but he's dam good. Olympic performance did not hurt either. Not trying to sell you folks on him. If he stays in SJ that would be fine with me. Either way, SJ has a pretty good "problem" on their hands.
  3. a nabakov 4 schneider thought

    I like the idea of that trade. As a Shark fan, I am not looking at E.N.'s contract. I am looking at need for the Sharks and what this team needs is a solid D-man. This trade would be fantastic for SJ. The Sharks have Nolan Shaeffer in the minors that could back up Toskala. Toskala is better. Nabby is still a great goalie and would be a great addition to any team.
  4. San Jose Goalie could be Available

    As a Shark fan, I would MUCH rather keep Tosk! Cheaper, but more importantly...better. One of them has to go before training camp. If you get either one, you'll be more pleased than adding one of the old dudes.