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  1. 2009 WCSF GAME 7: Ducks 3 at Red Wings 4

  2. 2009 WCSF GAME 7: Ducks 3 at Red Wings 4

    freakin gooood... just turned on the liveradio and the first i heard was "scooored...4:3 redwings".....
  3. NHL Awards! You pick who do you think deserves what

    who is this mason-guy playing in Nashville or alternatively Colorado?
  4. 2/28 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Predators 8

    all part for the First-Round-Media-Story.... "oh..do you remember...Preds destroyed Wings" ....what will happen now? Can the preds repeat this? Can they advance to second round?.... -> THE HELL NO...they will not. Wings sweep....revanche is good...all are happy....
  5. 11/26 GDT: Canadiens 3 @ Red Wings 1

    OMG...what a goal....WHOOOOOOOOO
  6. 11/26 GDT: Canadiens 3 @ Red Wings 1

    bad about watching a game via stream on laptop is, that you automatically try to end the intermission with a klick....like in ea.....but then you realise it does not work ----- and then you can just go to the refrigerator an start to eat....
  7. SCF Game 5 GDT: Penguins 4, Red Wings 3 (3OT)

    GO WINGS.... I want to sleep..i have to get up in three hours...
  8. Woman attacked after Sabres win

    hope all this stupid idiots in this picture and everybody else with such an attidute will be suspended from all nhl-arenas for all time and i hope they read this...YOU ARE IDIOTS.... I can not believe that people treat each other like this only because of wearing a wrong shirt... luckily weapons are not allowed.... When i saw my only nhl game in my life it was the same....flyers scored 3-0 against rangers in MSG, a flyers fan celebrated and some stupid Rangers fans tried to hit him... wow...imagine Red Wings would have scored and somebody would have hit me... would be very nice to spend one night with the police on my short holiday trip to NY And for myself to see that this people are all sitting is very strange.... so in Germany we have also some people who get this aggressive but they are, i think, all in the standing-area...I would be very scared if in Germany the people would treat each other like that in the seat-area and it scared me even more, that so manny people get after one guy...
  9. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    sorry...maybe this is very bad but it is my first try and i was not able to stop myself from this
  10. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I`m, 22, from Germany so Detroit is not close to me I read an article about the Wings in 1997 or 1998 when they won the cup and started to follow the NHL and specially the Wings. I think, that was also the time when we got internet at home and so i was able to get more information about the wings and since that time i am a wings fan. So, i started begging for pay-tv to watch games and finally my dad bougth it... my nhl-highlight was to win a trip to a nhl game in new york but unfortunately there was no chance to see the wings so i watched ranger-flyers. But that was also very exciting for me ..but i really hope i will watch at least one wings-games in my life.....
  11. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    that is very good....
  12. Wings vs Flames

    that is not good....with this matchup we have no chance to win the series...bye bye next round
  13. Official GDT: Montreal at Toronto

  14. Fighting?

    imo fighthing belongs to a hockey game. Here in germany we have stronger rules in fighting and there are not many games where you can see a fight. The refs stop it very early... But there is also an interesting point about it i read a few years ago... A hockeymagazine here asked players about something (i dont remeber what, maybe about hooking calls and this stuff) and two really good players (no goons) who played in NA before they moved to germany, said they would love to get only 5 min for fighting instead of a miscount because so it would be possible to show other players, who play dirty and grubby, use their stick to much etc, who is the boss on the ice.
  15. Martin Brodeur Vs. Patrick Roy

    mhm, could not find it in any post... Brodeur allready scored two goals in his career. ok, one was a present..but don`t forget this if you compare them..