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  1. NHL responds to waved-off goal in Game 3

    i find this funny "He didn’t make a mistake. In hindsight, if he had a slow-motion camera to review it, he may not have (blown the play dead)." He needed a slow motion camera but everyone else in the arena as well as the millions watching on TV didnt need one. This non reviewable crap has to go. I say GOAL
  2. Ducks Fans...

    what can you expect out of trash? drunken idiots get a win over the team they hate the most and they act like the trash they are. It is just sad that the police in SoCal suck too because after reading what happened in the parking lot I am enraged... arrests should have been made. this is simply not acceptabel anywhere.... even the toothless hillbillys in nashville dont act like this.... but again the proximity to Mexico always plays a factor.
  3. Datsyuk and Pronger

    tooth movement is caused by prolonged exposue to pressure against the teeth. My guess in Prongers case is prolongs exposure to man meat sliding in and out of his mouth caused the gap. but thats just a guess.
  4. Poor Crosby / Double Standard

    When crosby scores a hat trick they should throw out diapers and pacifiers. and somebody please ask him to shave... seriously, the fat mexican lady down the street from me has 3 times the facial hair that he does and this punk is considered "the face of hockey" P L E A S E
  5. This call pissed me off to no end. This "penalty" contributed to the game winning goal. and I know that the wings need to kill these off and then they get the PP they need to capitalize... but honestly in a game of inches and lucky bounces deciding games why oh why is it that these half blind zebras get away with making bad calls that decide games. Players are held accountable for their actins and decisions on the ice, why too not the zebras?
  6. Funny Pics and bad calls

    I too am not looking to make excuses for a loss but this is ridiculous. Officiating should not effect the outcome or even the flow of the game. The "non-goal' clearly took away the momentum the wings had built to that point, that said the officiating influenced the play, the flow, the momentum and effected the game. Additionaly ******-baggins blew the whistle on a puck that was clearly not covered up..(very quick whistle) on a puck that went in. so there were 2 goals that the wings effectively scored that were taken away. This goes both ways. The 3rd goal from a couple games ago was clearly not a goal because homer was in the crease and bumping turco. Games should be decided by the players not the zebras. there needs to be a way to effectively hold the zebras accountable for their calls on the ice as well as a way to overturn them when they are so clearly wrong so that their bad calls dont effect the games. Perhaps an off-ice official who reviews penalties called as well as goals (reply in a way) and can overturn bad officiating. To take it a step further, the zebras should be fined for BS calls just like players get called for doing stupid crap on the ice. One more thing. Will somebody please strangle gary bettman and replace him with don cherry.... PLEASE. Nobody cares about Hockey like Don... and bettman is a basketball ******.
  7. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Ducks

    oops betruzzi... typo
  8. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Ducks

    why would you have to photoshop anything at all. These are the ducks... they came from a F'kin disney movie, they are anough of a joke without having to do anything. http://www.impawards.com/1994/posters/d_tw...ighty_ducks.jpg
  9. Igor Grigorenko

    people have been talking about this guy for how long? Nothings happened How old is he?