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  1. SJ 7 men on ice for GW OT goal

    They really never call that unless the puck is near / touched by one of the extra players. I'd rather complain about Rafalski not taking away the pass in this situation. It might as well have been a 2 on 0.
  2. Tickets to Game 5 in SJ

    Game 5... Does anyone know when these go onsale? Ticketmaster only has $350 vip party pass things on sale now for that game. Aside from Ebay, Craiglist, over-priced ticketmaster, and even more over-priced ticket exchange... does anyone have any suggestions on how to get tickets to this game?
  3. My new Wings jersey came today!

    Where did you buy this jersey? I don't want to be a wise guy here, but... I hope you didn't spend a ton on it since it's not quite the real thing. I've seen bootlegs from China that are missing an element which is the diamond behind the "captain's C". Here is an example of the one Stevie actually wore:
  4. Another Steve Yzerman Night?!?!?!

    bump... i'm wondering this myself.
  5. My Brother met Ken Holland Yesterday

    I knew there had to be something up with Draper's neck and wondered why no one ever talked about his weird black turtleneck undershirt that he started wearing when he came back. I'm glad you posted that... it all makes sense now.
  6. KHL will honor NHL's decision on Hudler

    The guy would rather have more money (a lot more) and a bigger responsibility on a team... I don't hate him for it. I hope he stays. Are all you Fedorov lovers against Hudler now? I sure hope not. Hypocrites.
  7. Leave Brad Staurt alone

    Are you kidding me? No Stuart, no finals??? Please. I like him but to think we wouldn't have made it to the finals is nutty.

    yahoo says no...,169928
  9. Did I miss something last night?

    Yeah, you better... you just stole the Conn Smythe of today's posting championships. I hope you feel bad.
  10. Who is gonna chicken out?

    Maybe you don't understand what the OP is saying...
  11. Who is gonna chicken out?

    I nearly quit watching yesterday... if the refs let the Pens interfere as much as game 6... I might have a heart attack. I'll quit watching then. That combined with the Pens "Let's make a tight circle around our own net" defense... Really makes for a frustrating hockey game. So much so... Yeah, I might not watch part of it.
  12. How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    When you don't interfere, you don't get called for interference. That's why the Wings didn't have any penalties. However, the same can't be said for the Pens... They interfered, but it didn't matter.
  13. How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    Pens have gotten away with so much... you'd be insane to think the series wouldn't have been any different if either team would have had more power plays. s***, maybe the Wings would have lost the series already if the Pens would have been penalized when they should have been. Maybe they would have killed most of the penalties and destroyed our momentum and we would have lost in four. That's all I'm saying, the refs have changed their habits for these playoffs and it would undoubtedly have affected the outcome of games. Simple as that.
  14. Don't Blame the Refs - NHL Stupid Enough

    I definitely hope not... but Bettman will do whatever it takes. I don't understand why else they decided not to call any interference penalties last night after they've called them all year. Maybe a game 7 is good for ratings, maybe that's what the NHL brass cares about. It's not a game, it's a business.
  15. Don't Blame the Refs - NHL Stupid Enough

    Nice list... I still blame the refs, they should have stood up to Bettman when he threatened their jobs if they didn't create a 7 game series.