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  1. Grand Rapids Griffins Playoff Thread

    Hi everyone, I live in California, and how can I watch the live Griffins game online? Any free streaming? Thanks.
  2. Flyers place Leighton on waivers

    I think we should pick him for backup Howard. Because Osgood is inactive, and we are not sure if he can be 100% in the playoffs. Therefore, we need one to support Howard when he is not 100% in the playoffs.
  3. another goaltender option

    We lost Nabokov from the wavier. Should we find the other goaltender backup Jimmy Howard if Osgood can't come back? I think Toskala is another good choice for us. Although his record in Leafs were very bad, his reocrds in Sharks were good. So should we give him a chance in Motown????
  4. 10 Favourite Red Wings

    1. Yzerman 2. Lidstrom 3. Datsyuk 4. Hasek 5. Osgood 6. McCarty 7. Shanahan 8. Holmstrom 9. Franzen 10.Zetterberg
  5. This Year's Line Combos

    Here is mine: Franzen - Zetterberg - Cleary Holmstrom - Datsyuk - Bertuzzi Leino - Filppula - Williams Draper - Helm - Maltby Lidstrom - Rafalski Kronwall - Stuart Ericsson - Lebda Osgood Howard/(Cloutier - if he makes it in the training camp)
  6. The Worst one what I think is Mar 09, 2006 Pittsburgh Penguins traded Cory Cross to the Detroit Red Wings for a 4th round selection in 2007. How about you guys? What do you think the best or worst trade deadline deals in Wings history?
  7. Quack, Quack.... bye-bye Ducks!

    so happy that Ducks was out last night.....I was in L.A...and i watched the game.......i really wanted Ducks to out....right now......BYEBYE
  8. History Question

    Does anyone know that why Detroit doesn't have Larry Aurie retired jersey number in Joe Louis Arena? I just read the website from here <>, but i still don't understand why his number isn't in Joe Louis.
  9. 10/15 GDT: Anaheim Ducks 6, Red Wings 3

    it was a good game tonight, but we need some people score and too much penalty tonight, and a little bit disappointed that Hasek let them make 5 goals.....
  10. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    i remember i came to L.A first time, and i am chinese, and i didn't what hockey is..u know not many chinese know about the brother taught me how to watch it.....but my brother is a Kings fan, that's why i started to watch Kings games, then i love to watch hockey, but i still didn't like Kings...and i remember one day i turned on the tv, i saw the red jersey hockey team was playing, and they were playing so GOOD, i remember it was 2001, they were playing so good...then i asked my brother wat team it is, and he told me Detroit...that's time i started to love Red Wings....i watched every wings games if it showed on espn, when i knew about their history and their record of 2002, i thought i am the wings fan, cuz the wings players are very good in every hockey games...and that yr they won the Stanley Cup....i was so happy about that...i still remember how they played so well in Stanley Cup Final....i really want to move to Detroit cuz Red Wings and i can watch every wings games.....and some frds asked me a question that why i live in L.A, and i don't like Kings or Ducks...i just answered them cuz i hate Ducks and Kings....and i really really hate DUCKS forever.....that's y GO WINGS!!!!!!!! i always be a WINGS fan!!!!!!! GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Line ideas, anyone?

    if Samuelsson is healthy, then my line idea will be: Datsyuk - Zetterberg - Bertuzzi Cleary - Lang - Samuelsson Calder - Filppula - Holmstrom Franzen - Draper - Maltby Lidstrom - Markov Schneider - Kronwall Labda - Chelios PowerPlay 1 Datsyuk - Zetterberg - Holmstrom Lidstrom - Schneider PowerPlay 2 Samuelsson - Lang - Bertuzzi Lidstrom - Kronwall