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  1. Where did you read the stuff about Hollland going to the game and being interested in trouba from Bobby Mac?
  2. I don't think we have a game being broadcasted till the 30th
  3. The AA - Larks - Mantha line is supposed to play wednesday.
  4. Loyalty to someone like Cleary, does make a difference to other players that sign here.. Maybe small but it counts as a class act team that will take care of its players.. Give him a shot at an NHL contract somewhere or end up in the minors again (most likely the case)
  5. Didn't hurt us last year, won't hurt us this year...
  6. Start with Larkin and keep on adding... And I mean guys like Mantha,dekseyser, AA, and 1st... Not all together but Larkin doesn't get Kuch, and the adds have to be more then "well he played good for 30 games...
  7. Holland should have signed, Radulov, and Vanek on stop gaps. So we could trade away wingers for a D man, we need to move wingers, its our only strong pos. But somehow in a winger heavy market, we didn't sign a single one!
  8. I'm sorry but one year for radulov at 6, we are stupid for not matching that.
  9. Im still mad that we didnt go after Radulov, How could you not fit him in for 2 years, and still had Nielsen. instead we bring back Helm, for too long and eat up money that could have went on a trial deal for Radulov. All the money we had and ALL the changes we were promised our signings are FRANS FREAKIN NIELSEN, HELM, and an AHL'er
  10. Well atleast we will be paying Nielsen 5+ million when he declines in 2 years. How many 2/3 Centers do we need and have.... Helm, AA, Sheahan, Larkin, Z(?), add Nielsen, and I know im mising some.
  11. Trade for Nash, Trade for Fowler, don't bring in Nielsen... Call it a day.
  12. I really hope the Radulov thing isnt confirmed. I just want him here for a little excitement. I have never seen a roster with so little pop to it. Im seriously going to be furious if our only signing is Nielsen and its longer then 5 years...
  13. Problem us, E isn't going anywhere, so we would have both.
  14. Duchene to Detroit please!
  15. For the numbers people could be throwing at Matt Martin, Helm will be def. Getting offers, he was one of our players with value. He won't be a wjng next season ans I have a feeling of Martin can get a 3.5-4, helm easily gets 4 aav