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  1. zaxx

  2. Team USA Appreciation Thread

    Big props to Team USA. I was one of those people who discounted them. I did not have them finishing in medal contention, and really thought they would not make it past the quarters. While shows why I am not a professional involved in the world of hockey. They played an awesome team game, had great goaltending, and found a way to play some great hockey. Good work!
  3. Canada 10 USA + World 9

    Please say you are being sarcastic, or are not actually from Canada. Stupid trolling posts like this make us all look bad.
  4. Don Cherry pissed off

    I agree that Grapes can say some foolish stuff at times, but it is a difficult job. He comes out in front of millions weekly to speak his mind on hockey, and sometimes he is wrong. Hard thing to do though. It is easy to remain quiet, but it is difficult to speak your mind. Most seem to subscribe to Lincoln's quote "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.". About his military talks, yeah I totally agree with you. Sometimes he can overextend himself. He is there for hockey and nothing else. But I think his heart is in the right place, even if he does mess it up sometimes. I appreciate that he gives our soldiers a moment on a tv program they likely enjoyed as he tries to thank them, at least he tries. WWII is a difficult topic and perhaps he made those comments but I assure you Canadians do not feel that way. We are proud of the contributions made during WWII and like the rest of the world, we wish the entire War did not have to happen. Perhaps if the world leaders knew what hitler was planning they could have stopped him before he had any power..... it is a sad tale.
  5. Don Cherry pissed off

    Congratulation to the US Team. No one is arguing with you, the US Team won the World Juniors for 2010 in overtime. There is no disputing this. However you started this thread to attack Don Cherry simply because you did not like what he said. You did not listen to what he said, you misinterpreted it and now feel you should attack him for your lack of understanding. I said it once so I will say it again, Don Cherry was responding to the Canadian media who claimed that Canadian hockey development is flawed. We still produce many great NHL players and the system is working. He never made excuses, and he did not try to take anything from the US team. He even talks about how good they were. Stop making up fairy tales. Good Job Team USA, cannot wait for more great hockey next year. Now stop trolling for comments and give up your baseless attacks on Cherry.
  6. Don Cherry pissed off

    This is the longest thread started by misunderstanding (purposefully?) someone's actual statements. Many of you are not living in Canada so you may not have seen the papers but Don Cherry was responding to the Canadian Media's comments. The Canadian media came out after the US team won gold (Congrats by the way, that was a great game) and made the claim that this gold medal was proof that Canadian hockey development is on a downward trend. Papers started claiming that Canadian development needs to be totally revamped so that we can produce better players since right now we are failures. Don made the point that the US Team played great, he even mentions some of the players by name for this. He then comments that Canada does not need to revamp the development system, and proceeds to show that we have many amazing players who are of eligible age to enter the tournament but are key components of their professional teams. He was not knocking US Hockey, the US Team, or making excuses. He was speaking to the Canadian media and the people who were claiming that the Canadian development system needs to be overhauled. The US system is doing great (kudos we need this), but he was reminding the panic inducing hockey world in Canada that our development system is just fine. We won the silver in overtime (could have been anyone's game at that point), and we are still producing some awesome NHL talent. USA Hockey Development is doing great and have now won 2 golds at the Jr's, which is awesome. In order for hockey to be successful in the US we need great American players to show the younger generation that it is possible to succeed.
  7. Something Fishy in Pittsburgh

    He just forgot to insert his /sarcasm tags... lol
  8. Best Wings Blogs

    Good job! I agree with you, I think the A2Y blog brings shame to Red Wing fans. The author (Chief) has knowledge of hockey but instead of using it to cheer for the Wings he uses it to demean other teams fans, and hate on everyone and everything not loving the Wings. Grow up, have some fun, but show respect. The behavior shown by the cementers and author hurts the image of Wings fans. I would b happy if either KK dropped the blog, or Chief grew up.
  9. Suggestions for next CBA

    I agree that what was suggested is almost exactly like what is done currently: The Blackhawks are very close to the cap, so in order to save cap space for later in the year they circumvent it. Everyday they send Jack Skille back to their AHL affiliete on non-game days. His salary comes off the books, and he has to drive to Rockford and practice with the minor league team. Then on game-days, he is called up and gets ready to suit up. Really crappy for him since on game days he makes NHL wage, and on non-game days he takes home AHL pay (I think his contract is 2 way). He is young so he does not have to clear waivers. This will make more room for replacing short term injured players later in the year (avoiding what happened to Calgary last season). See here for information:,2279020.story Also teams can already borrow from the future, just not for salary. They can pay players a bonus this season and spread out the cap hit over a few seasons. Detroit has done this in the past, and so have many others.
  10. Nicknames

    I do not know where I saw it but it has stuck with me. I refer to Helm as Helminstein, or the helminator...
  11. downey signed by coyotes

    I very happy for Downey and I hope he does alright this season. As for a standing O, well I hope he is cheered but a standing O is a bit over the top for the guy. He deserves some credit but he is not Yzerman.
  12. NHL Network's Top Shootout Goals of 08-09 Season

    The first two goals by maple leafs players sucks. The one blowing snow on Brodeur was overplayed. The snow did not hit until the puck was in the net and therefore had no play in the goal. The player just managed to fake out a goalie who is not good on shootouts, not even in a pretty way. The other one where the maple leaf slid the puck under Tim Thomas's right pad was lame. Thomas should have saved it but he lifted his leg and the player got lucky. There was nothing great about that goal. I did like blakes goal though, very fast and fun.
  13. Wings will re-sign Leino to a 2-year deal

    I know why would someone go crazy? We tried that experiment and it failed. Why open it back up?
  14. Players Tendered A Qualifying Offer

    Does anyone know how long we signed Darren Haydar for? I would like to see him back and given a shot in the big league. He led the youngsters in points and even if we just signed him to stay in the AHL as a mentor for our young players I think that would be great.
  15. Possible Free Agents

    No RFA's?? (Kris Versteeg) Sure it costs a draft pick or two but he is a good player if he can avoid the stupid penalties he took against us in the playoffs.