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  1. Why is soccer the only sport.....

    Perhaps if we be more specific, yes it does take talent for dribbling in Basketball and precision and the same is probably true for Soccer. But in general imo, anyone can play these sports.
  2. Why is soccer the only sport.....

    I actually like Soccer & Baseball and I prefer Rugby over Football. I only put it in a general sense when I meant earlier that "....anyone can be good in Baseball/Soccer/Football/Rugby and etc..." If you ask me what's a cheaper sport, I think that would be basketball. In Soccer you'll still need a goalkeeper but in basketball, you can make your own court.
  3. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Czech republic cuz Lang is a Czech.
  4. Why is soccer the only sport.....

    same with basketball.... hell I'd choose soccer over basketball anytime & anyday. Here's what I think: -Hockey needs more exposure & support from other nations, if we want to see other countries participate. -It's easy to be good in other sports. A 25 yr old guy can be good in Basketball/Baseball/Football/Soccer/Rugby...etc. in less than a year with months of practice and play wherelse the same 25 yr old guy would take like a few more years to become good in hockey. -Most ppl want to be good quickly. Try introducing hockey to them and let them start by basic skating. After hours of skaitng, watch them whine and give up on the sport. -Hockey is pretty costly especially in developing countries....Like I said, we'll need support if we want to see other countries take Hockey seriously.
  5. ? first day of trade " season "

    Lang haters should stop overreacting. Was it his fault that our team lost the 1st round? Was he responsible for the loss? I say this again, Lang haters should stop overreacting