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  1. Crowd singing at JLA

    The Hockeytown/No Limits chant doesn't roll off the tongue well IMO... I think the folks at the Joe should rip off MSU and try to get a Go Red/Go White chant going.
  2. Stars' Monday Morning Skate Update (5/12)

    The feathers tickle at first but after a couple of days you barely notice.
  3. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    Ozzie wasn't diving.
  4. Red Wings and Penguins bias

    If you ignore the 3 penalties Dallas received in the last :05 of game 2 the penalties were even at 6 a piece, IIRC.
  5. The motivational speech for the Red Wings

    We need to hire this guy. No way a team would lose in the 1st round with this kind of opening.
  6. April In The D Commercial No idea why a band from California is doing a song about Detroit sports.
  7. Weller Pops Tootoo

    For a guy that is your (second) least favorite player you seem to spend an awful lot of time defending him. Serious question: if Tootoo wasn't a Pred, would you still be such a supporter, rushing in to defend him from those terrible Wings fans? Please spare us the "Classy fan" bit BTW; everybody cheers when Tootoo gets taken out because he has earned that level of contempt from fans around the league, it’s not just us.
  8. Let balance out the hate, people.

    Damn, I wish I would have watched all of that game.
  9. Perry is a wuss

    Pretty sure that was last season.
  10. Perry is a wuss

    Besides being a dick? I'd say he is in need of a good stomping... Not a little scrap, mind you. A look-down-at-the-pool-of-blood-on-the-ice-and-pick-up-your-teeth kind of stomping. The kind the Probert would deliver. I bet if/when that happens Perry will be a changed man. All I could think of when I watched that fight last night was Perry yelping "Not in the face! Not in the face!".
  11. Chelis Chili
  12. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    Hello World!
  13. Who else went to playoff games?

    My fav moment too... It took about a week for me to get my voice back after that game. Only had the money for one playoff game, glad I went to that one.
  14. Funniest comment from a Ducks fan

    Since 2000 = day one? Could have sworn the Duck(s) have been around since 93 or so...
  15. Interesting notes on XM

    OK, there's one, you have anything from this century or that has relevance in this series?