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  1. Red Wings TV Ratings Down 21%

    The best part of last night's game against Dallas was when Downey, Maltby, Kopecky, Lebda, etc. were throwing their weight around. I remember there was hit after hit after hit. The crowd was loud, people were standing up and blocking the cameras, and even Murph mentioned the crowd standing up . That's what this team needs, more energy, more fun, and...more Downey!
  2. Wings Call Up Leino & Downey

    Hopefully Leino can play like Zetterberg, since he looks a lot like him.
  3. Skills Competition

    I think the best thing that I "gained" from watching the Skills Comp. was that Yzerman was named the best captain, or something like that. Of course, I already know that Stevie was the best, but it's good to know that others around the country and the league feel the same way. After watching another channel, I switched back to Versus and a montage of Yzerman was playing, to which Doc Emm. said that Stevie was named the best. Who else was comparing the shootout players to Datsyuk, no doubt believing that he would have killed?
  4. No TV?

    A little resolution to this problem.....
  5. No TV?

    It was on FSN Plus. The weird thing is, the Pistons game, at least for me ( I have WOW), wasn't even on FSN. Instead, there were College Football highlights and Nascar...JP Sports and Sports South Channel. At least the Wings were on. no sweat about the Pistons.
  6. Wings Saving Capspace for reason

    How else is Lilja gonna get paid?......... Seriously, I wouldn't mind if the Wings pick up someone big, with an immediate impact.
  7. What's your one ideal hockey gift?

    The re-signing of Shanny, Feds, YZERMAN, and VLADDY! But I don't always get what I ask for...