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  1. Johan Franzen signs extension, 11 years

    HI guys, I have posted here before, and just wanted to comment on the Frazen extension. I just have to shake my head at how efficient the Wings FO is at managing the team. You guys may have the best managed team in all of sports. Whats amazing is how they find talent that everybody else seems to miss, and then fit everyone under the same umbrella in terms of cap and system. When we played recently, I reallt thought we were finally going to break the Joe Louis curse..not to be, but that game spoke volumes about the Wings..give them a crack of daylight and they will run with it as your come from behind win showed. As soon as you scored the first goal , I knew it was over (never wake a sleeping giant). Naturally I hope that the Flyers will win the cup , being a fan, but as a hockey fan, I have to admit that a Red Wings/Devils final would be incredible to watch. for several reasons both are fast paced counter punching teams. What I noticed from the recent Flyers/Wings game was that to beat the Wings you have to frustrate them , and keep it going for 60 min, which we didn't do..and NO ONE in the league is better at frustrating another team than Marty Brodeur, when he is on. THis could make for an interesting dynamic, and an incredible SCF. So if my team can't win the cup (and this year we are still missing a couple of key pieces: Goaltending as usual, and another Stud on D to compliment Timonen) I would love to see a Wings/Devils final , because despite records, the Wings are better than the Sharks and the Devils are better than the Bruins. Good Luck!!
  2. Brad Stuart needs to stay!

    no kidding!! They never seem to learn do they?
  3. Brad Stuart needs to stay!

    Hey guys since this is a Stuart thread I had a few questions..(I'm not trying to hijack) What do you guys think Brad will be looking for in terms of $$$? I ask because on our board, his name has been brought up a couple of times as a potential D man that might come free. In Philly, our D cost us against the Pens (Hacther with two bad knees and a broken tibia, and Jason Smith with 2 torn rotator cuffs)...Coburn was out for a couple and Kimo was out as well, so our D was young guys including Ryan Parent who played well considering he was essentially a rookie, and Modry who is well passed his prime and his father passed away just before the series, so understandably his mind was probably elsewhere. Paul HOlmgren has already said that we need to get better on the blueline..some of the names being tossed around are Biran Campbell who can move the puck but is a liability. Stuart is an intriuging option, but again we don't know his situation...will he want to leave a good situation for an unknown? will his salary demands be too high? How do you guys see this playing out with Brad?
  4. Your most memorable 2008 Playoff moment?

    If you're interested in an outsiders opinion: remember I posted a few weeks ago when you guys were playing the Avs, when I really noticed the skill, talent, and ability of the Wings..I remember saying to myself "Nobody can stop these guys" I knew that a sweep woud be very unlikely, Pitt has too much talent to not squeak out at least one game..but the flow of the series was amazing, at times the Wings looked simply unstoppable, then Pitt would score a timely goal and the momentum would shift...but then you guys have so many opportunistic players like Zetterberg and Datsyuk and just like that you'd score... I know it's a strange comparison, but I was reminded of Roger Federer..he's a guy who might look very pedestrian at times during a tennis match, but then on one opportunity he'll say "I got you"..and pull away and win the match... game 6 reminded my of that... in any case...congradulations..this year the BEST team really did win!
  5. You think Pens Fans are the worst?

    I forget the year, but it was an Eagles game..and the Eagles were having a mediocre season and were losing badly in this particular game..then Santa comes out and starts waving at the crowd who proceeded to pelt him with snowballs...kind of funny in retrospect..something you might see in Monty Python..but at the time it was a media feast "PHilly fans boo Santa Claus" Still though, not as bad as Giants fans who threw snowballs at the Chargers sideline during a game, hit one of the assistant coaches, and he had to be rushed to the hospital Then more recently there was the Caps writer : In response to a Washington Post column about the Flyers fans that read "women and children could be security for Megedeth," lead singer Dave Mustaine sent a videotaped message of support. He wore Jason Smith's sweater. I love that man (Dave Mustaine)..umm..not literally!!
  6. You think Pens Fans are the worst?

    Yeah they do have the jail in the Linc/ Vet stadium...not a very promising sign..but I think the Santa Claus incident forever tainted the city
  7. You think Pens Fans are the worst?

    Are you referring to the Clinton Portis incident? Much of that story was omitted from the is an eyewitness account from a guy who was there: Portis Mom was trying to squeeze her entire posse into a row that had only a few seats and some paying fans were getting obstructed views as a result..they did tell her that there was no room but she insisted on trying to squeeze everyone in the row...finally people had enough and became angry and started yelling at thing you know she's escorted to the Redskins sideline because "The Philadelphia fans were throwing beer at Mrs Portis"
  8. You think Pens Fans are the worst?

    that's universal...several years ago I went to a pre-season Pats/Eagles game in Foxboro with a few friends, one who was legally blind and developmentally disabled..not to be mean be it was obvious by looking at him..well the Eagles got hammered in that game and as we were walking back to the car... I had to endure several '***" comments as I had to hold my friends arm to navigate through the crowd and the dirt parking lot..not to mention about three guys spilling beer on me intentionally on the way out...and one guy right behind us literally YELLING in my ear : "Ricky Watters SUCKS!!, Charlie Garner SUCKS!!" etc... and the worst part was that I would have hoped that other people, even Pats fans would have please asked the guy to stop being an ass, but nobody said anything... Whenever the Flyers are in Boston, I always go to the games..and when they lose things are just as bad..."Gagne's a *****!!", "Hey anybody wanna get some cheeseteaks? HA HA HA!!!"... and when I don't react, they get plain nasty..and inappropriate, making comments about/ to my wife and such... I have a friend who is a huge Balt Ravens fan..and he once went to Pitt to see a game..the Ravens won..and on the way out, people were throwing stuff at him, one guy literally threatened him with violence saying "If you ever wear that shirt in my town again, I'll f##king KILL you!!" So you see idiocy is not unique to one city/location... on the flipside, the best had to be one game in Boston when the Flyers lost.. (during JOni Pitkanen's rookie year)I was leaving while enduring the typical "They suck" front of me was a group of about 5 kids , must have been 10-12 yrs old in their school hockey moron yells at me "Pitkanen SUCKS" and these young kids tore him a new one!! They were like "You don't know what you're talking about!! JOni is an awesome d man" and "Joni's the best" shut that moron right the hell up!!
  9. You think Pens Fans are the worst?

    I don't condone either activity, to be honest, some overly drunk fan who doesn't know when he's had enough acting like an idiot. But Domi is a professional, as such that carries the mantle of restraint even under circumstances like this... It reminded me of something Denis Rodman would have done every team has fans that act like butt dumplings...during the 1997 series Wings/Flyers..for game four I was at a sports bar with a couple of friends and there was a table of four Wings fans with jerseys on (I had my Brind'Amour jersey on), as I walked to the bar I stopped an greeted them, and told them how I admired how well the wings were playing, asked if they were from Detriot etc..just polite jawing at all... when the game started and the Wings started scoring they would all look over at me , give me the finger, yell "Flyers Suck!" and make derrogatory comments about either me or my friends..totally uncalled for, I just smiled through it... So the moral of the story is idiotic fans know not one singular team.
  10. ESPN: Aside from Sid and Lids, stars gone missing

    You should know better than to trust anything ESPN says about Hockey...I especiialy liked it when they mentioned that PAUL Forsberg injured his groin and that Flyers Goaltender "MICHAEL Biron was not playing tonight"
  11. You think Pens Fans are the worst?

    The WORST fans in the league has to go to the Habs..their team makes the playoffs and how do they respond? by trashing their city and overturning police cars...morons!!!
  12. You think Pens Fans are the worst?

    hey!!! man I remember that Domi game... he was PUblic Enemy number one in Philly..Matthew Barnaby was a close second...But when Domi dropped the gloves and Challenged Brashear..oh man the roar was deafening..and of course Donald turned him into a pulp...
  13. Top 10 players in the NHL

    on a related note, have you guys seen this website? mynhl draft I know hindsight is 20/20 but look at some past drafts and you have to ask yourself: what the F were they thinking???? example: 1991: Draft#:1 Eric Lindros Ht/Wt: Position:C Drafted From:Oshawa Generals (OHL) Draft#:2 Pat Falloon Ht/Wt: Position:RW Drafted From:Spokane Chiefs (WHL) Draft#:3 Scott Niedermayer Ht/Wt: Position:D Drafted From:Kamloops Blazers (WHL) Draft#:4 Scott Lachance Ht/Wt: Position:D Drafted From:Boston University (NCAA) Draft#:5 Aaron Ward Ht/Wt: Position:D Drafted From:U. of Michigan (NCAA) Draft#:6 Peter Forsberg Position:C Drafted From:Modo Hockey Ornskoldsvik you think Vancouver would like a MUlligan on that draft? or in 1990: the Flames swapped picks with NJ at #11 to pick Trevor the Devils at #20 selected....Marty Brodeur!!
  14. Top 10 players in the NHL

    no I'll admit, I have I have to "pick" from what I HAVE seen..I guess my thinking was this: If I were going to start a franchise..which player would I build a team around? as such Brodeur would have to be #1..of course there are plenty of guys that deserve to be on a top ten list..BUt it would for me start with Brodeur..especially after things like this:
  15. Top 10 players in the NHL

    I will though 1. Marty Brodeur (NJ) 2. Alex Ovechkin (WAS) 3. Nik Lindstrom (DET) 4. Sidney Crosby (PIT) 5. Vinny Lecavalier (TB) 6. Dion Phaneuf (CGY) 7. Joe Sakic (COL) 8. Jaromir Jagr (NYR) 9. Danny Heatley(OTT) 10.Mike Richards (PHI) ok,ok, I'll admit that last pick was bias...