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  1. It's nothing personnel wise; the official account would never leak something such as that.
  2. signed

    You are probably right. Malik said he believes that as soon as he plays a game, he burns a year. At this point it seems likely that he'll be an RFA after next season. (Which really shouldn't be a cause for concern.)
  3. signed

    I believe if he plays in something like 5 or 6 games (it's an odd number because of the lockout) it burns a year off his contract.
  4. Khokhlachev, Bartkowski, and a 1st. (I'd quote block this but I'm on mobile) "@dantencer: Khokhlachev: '11 2nd round, centerman, 48 pts in 29 games in Windsor last yr. Bartkowski: '08 7th round, defenseman, 20-25 pts/year in AHL."
  5. Helm didn't play. Nor did Eaves (concussion) and Kindl (groin). Possibly a few others.
  6. I'm with you. I'd rank em: 1. Poile 2. Holmgren 3. Tallon Edit: Although Poile did trade Franson and Lombardi for Lebda and Slaney.
  7. Not that it matters much, but you traded Kindl twice.
  8. Do you watch hockey? Semin floats around and doesn't play defense. Posters complain about Mule, wait until you see Semin.
  9. Change it. I've long thought that the #4 seed(in the current system) should get whatever spot they finish but still assuring a division winner of 1st round home ice.
  10. Well there you go.
  11. Yeah, his back. Conklin/Pearce tandom... Yikes.
  12. Hanta Yo!
  13. I never said I agreed with it, obviously he's not great in his own zone. But when you put up those kind of numbers, it's hard to be denied.
  14. Karlsson will win, hes going to put up 80+ points. There should probably be an award for Best Offensive Defensemen and another for Best Defensenen.
  15. Exactly. Hindsight is always 20/20 but there is no one here who wouldn't deal a prospect and a 1st for guy who is leading the league in scoring.