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  1. Cant wait to see the guy play
  2. Expanding right now would be idiotic. What they need to do and they wont because of the owners, is relocate teams. If your going to put a team anywhere put it in wisconson. Badger hockey is nuts and put a NHL team there you got yourself a sucessful hockey market.
  3. NICE!
  4. I agree Hull is a tool
  5. Im glad im not the only one who thought WTF when hull was talking.
  6. Money. The team hes on now i think offered him a million dollars american.
  7. thanks for the good laugh
  8. LANG & ....... LANG
  9. It was a dirty hit, you see the numbers by the boards you dont hit. Thats the first thing they teach you when you get in peewees. Since Nieminen has been suspended for the SAME EXACT thing in the past he shoulda got a 2 game supsension or something. Thats bulls*** he didnt learn the first time and this time was a slap on the wrist to him. [i bet the only reason he went to the hospital was to cover his ass with the NHL. He figured oh this will look good and maybe i'll get off.] My opinion though. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/cup/...-comments_x.htm
  10. Because he has 3 already.... Go nit pick someone eleses comments
  11. Never said he did need more.
  12. The NHL needs to sign these kids right here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=35...fight&hl=en
  13. There needs to be MORE fighting. Throw away the instigating and guys with visors need to lose the bucket before the fight starts. Theres nothing worse than splitting your hand open on a visor and have to get 10 stiches (left a cool scar though )
  14. Good read.
  15. Ive been saying the samething. Booing.... cmon get over youselves.