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  1. Exactly what i was thinking. Robbed again.
  2. They need one of lidstrom center ice slap shots to seal the cup deal
  3. None of those players have proven to do much at the nhl level. Tatar and nyquist included.
  4. gdt

    Pm me a stream please?
  5. Listened to the game from Montreal radio Seeing as how i couldn't find it here in detroit. Quite impressed to be honest. Very good commentating and color.
  6. GDT

    We need a franzen right about now...not a mantha or ferraro...
  7. gdt

    Remember when our defense was doing really good, you know, before zidlicky..not that hes the problem... but....
  8. GDT

    Stream? Please thanks'
  9. GDT

    They do need a big trade, even when theyre winning its obvious. Still, need the top sixer and 2 defenseman, and helm and abby on the bottom six to make the bottom six an actual factor. Just imagine helm miller abby as the 4th and sheahan jurco tatar/nyquist as the third line.... im a fan thats all about instant gonna go play my ps3. Its more fun.
  10. gdt

    Hockey art. This times a million
  11. GDT

    So weiss will miss some times, come back get a sore or pulled groin, and miss more time? The cycle continues.
  12. During the early regular season, someone asked about the wings best playoff performer....captain, conne smythe, stanley cup winner...go drink a coke zero.
  13. Mantha sucks, trade him now!
  14. He should've stayed in Detroit. But now hes gone, unless the wings sign him to an ahl contract, hes not worth bringing back. Him and his agents egos were bigger than his playing ability. A successful babcock product benefiting off of zetterbergs world class talent. Good for them trying to make money off a good amateur and 1st nhl season. He was good enough to make a quick buck, but not good enough to hang.