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  1. He was a great owner! Always gave the fans what we wanted. He got the big name superstars! Hasek. Hull. Luc. To name a few. He will be missed. Shame he will not be able to see the new arena. It should be renamed in his honor!
  2. GDT

    Another guy did it again
  3. GDT

    The guy who threw the catfish didn't get thrown out. Why not?! The guy who threw the catfish didn't get thrown out. Why not?!
  4. 2002 WCQF Game 3 and 4 @ Vancouver
  5. Manny Legace stood on his head.
  6. Damn
  7. 2015 is the year of Mrazek!
  8. Kindl would have got us 2 goals.....
  9. Any new updates?
  10. Wings fans always travel well! Yes we all had a great time in Nashville! It was a hell of a game to participate in...
  11. trade

    This is a great trade! Excited to see him in the lineup!!
  12. It was 6-5 Preds when I left. Fischer scored the first goal. Mickey Redmond had a nice goal as well.