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  1. Yreland

  2. Kane,Toews and Keith re-signed

    Please stop responding to this ******'s comments. Not the first or last time a troll has sniffed around. Most likely just started following the hawks last week anyhow.
  3. Game 7 Sign Ideas?

    Better deal...Mega millions jackpot...or Prongers helmet full of nickels?
  4. Game 7 Sign Ideas?

    RYAN GETZLAF...$4.5 Million this year. Try spending some $ on hair plugs...DOUCHER
  5. What's the name of that "irish sounding song" ?

    quit effin cryin about where to put the correct topics and wipe your vadges already
  6. Joe Louis Arena Music

    Maybe the same three songs for the zamboni riders...alittle Tom Jones here, a little "whatta man" song there, or "isn't she lovely". Always makes me mad....now riding with Ray..........................................<insert lame tired song>
  7. Parking?

    If you don't mind a short walk and not getting ripped off for parking. Head on to Jefferson street and park near the Post Office (either side of the road, there will be many other people doing the same thing), and double back on foot past Riverfront condos and parking garage to the Joe. Easy and free, plus even with the walk I always beat the traffic. Paying to park is for suckers!
  8. Single Game Price Hikes?

    Executive Level (Lower Bowl) US $125.00 - US $235.00 Arena Level (Upper Bowl) US $30.00 - US $125.00 Standing Room Only (Designated Areas) US $50.00 This is from Ticketmaster's page for the Home Opener, where you can see that upper bowl can be as high as $125 ( for the first row). For the Rangers uppers are $95. Variable pricing can lick my taint.
  9. Single Game Price Hikes?

    I have to agree that this is some serious BS on the wings part. I managed to get a ticket for opening night, for and extra $20 on top of the new standing room price of $30, for a grand total of $50. Then add in the "convenience" fees as well and it is costing me $60.60 just to stand at the game. The variable pricing seems to have no rhyme or reason, some weekend games are normal price and some are more expensive. We had season tix for a season and it was fun but not worth it as we live in the Kzoo area as well. With the extra perks that they have now season tix are a little better, but the Wings problems of empty seats will remain. A Stanley Cup is unfortunately not the cure they are hoping it will be.
  10. Wings to have open skate Saturday, 3/29

    Couple of friends and I went to the one and only last year...and it was cool to see the players goof off, the speed drills where they raced against eachother was a highlight. But on the flipside, the security fellas working were the biggest a-holes ever, lots of rules, one of them made the little girl (probably 5-6 years old) in front of me cry after yelling at her. No autographs at all, A chance for pic with your fav Wing players (read: Huds, Lebda, Langfeld). We had fun, but left unimpressed with the hospitality, or lack thereof.
  11. 12-Game Flex Plans Now Available!

    Another failure in a long line of failures by the marketing geniuses in the Wings front office. They advertise the hell out of the plans starting at $22, but the fun part is they didn't sell any at that price. The order form ontheir site simply says that the $22 are sold out. The "interest form for info on the packages that was on the site before only listed $44 and $54 seats. If I wanted the bait and switch, I'd go buy something from ABC Wharehouse.
  12. Got this email today, not sure if it is implying that an increase in ticket prices will happen if passed or not. But if it were to happen, I believe the waiting list may go down to around 3 weeks Btw, I feel priveledged that Mr. Holland personally wrote me Dear Detroit Red Wings Season Ticket Holder: Discussion is currently underway in the Michigan Legislature regarding a possible tax on “luxury services,†which potentially could include tickets to professional sporting events. As a loyal season ticket holder, we wanted to make you aware of these talks taking place in Lansing. If this issue is of interest to you, we would encourage you to contact your State Senator and State Representative to voice your opinion. We appreciate the commitment you have made to our club and thank you for your continued support of the Detroit Red Wings! Sincerely, Ken Holland General Manager
  13. Season Tickets

    Was on the list 4 years, it has been fun having season tix but definitely over priced. Won't renew our tickets next year, and I suspect a lot of peaple will not renew either....unless the Wings win the cup. But sadly since I cannot afford another 4 g's for playoff tix, I would have to watch it on TV.