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  1. Anyone have any statistics on who faced tougher competition this last season?
  2. No doubt Larkin.
  3. GDT

    Had these two nice pics of magic man from the game yesterday.
  4. Going to game 7 can't wait!!! Go Wings Go! Section 205 come say hi.
  5. You guys are forgetting stuart knows our system well and anyone new will take time to become accustomed to us. Also he's not bad offensively as well and can play more of an offensive game if need be.
  6. Well we have enough space for commie, maybe a trade is on the way????
  7. Where are you guys getting this old thing from? We got 3 old guys in holmstrom bertuzzi and lidstrom but that doesn't matter... We win
  8. 3.75 is over paid lmao wow look at other defensman like finger. Stuarts in his prime and he's a well balanced d man and I think might even get around 4 next year.
  9. Im just giving my opinion of him mr crymson, you dont like it go cry yourself a river... enough said... Yes I agree with all of you that his injuries scare anyone but great rewards sometimes come with some risk or a lot... I mean well have to wait and see if Lids retires and if he does then if I was GM I would def. at least offer him a 1 year deal.
  10. I've seen him play a lot and he has much more of a mean streak than rafalski, can pass just as good, has a much harder shot and is a larger human being. He fits perfect with our system because he has a deflectable shot and plays an awsome puck possession game. I mean I wouldnt overpay for him but my guess is we can have him because most will be worried about his health.
  11. Well i guess i made a booboo lol post end.
  12. I think Markov is a stellar defense man and if the contract was right i would be willing to pay even 5 mil per year. His upside is huge and he is way more talented than both lidstrom and rafalski in offense. Two freak injuries doesnt mean you are made of glass. Is kronwall made of glass too, he has missed just as much time. I say we go for him if he is an UFA. The pairing would be #1A Kronwall/#1B Markov.
  13. If we were to offer andre a contract do u think Dan will have an influence?
  14. Do u think that he will have a positive factor or negative? I dunno if his experience was positive or negative.
  15. Detroit vs San Jose: Detroit Bounces were not going our way and if they start bye bye San jose thanks for playing!