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  1. GAME 6 - 4/22 Red Wings at Flames (LIVE)

  2. GAME 6 - 4/22 Red Wings at Flames (LIVE)

    Liljja wasn't the one convicted of rape.
  3. GAME 6 - 4/22 Red Wings at Flames (LIVE)

    Well, Huselius is a rapist.
  4. GAME 6 - 4/22 Red Wings at Flames (LIVE)

    Ha ha! 20 minutes left in the season for the Shames!
  5. GAME 6 - 4/22 Red Wings at Flames (LIVE)

    I know what you mean. I live in Canada, unfortunately. Everyone here are idiots, except for the fans of American teams. I want to move to the US, and then the US should invade Canada while they try to attack with clubs and sticks.
  6. GAME 6 - 4/22 Red Wings at Flames (LIVE)

    Oh well. The Wings will win this game over the Pathetic Goons With No Skill Who Can Only Win at Home Because of the Refs. And then Shames fans will cry because they choked in the playoffs once again. And I'll laugh as the Wings go on to win the Stanley Cup.
  7. GAME 6 - 4/22 Red Wings at Flames (LIVE)

    The refs feel sorry for that pathetic laughing stock of a team, so they give them tons of powerplays, because they can't beat a team that's actually good without help. The Shames thank them by trying to injure players on a good team for no reason, since they know they're going to lose the series anyway. Pathetic goon team. Cleary should run Kiprusoff. Everyone else on that team sucks. Bertuzzi should beat the crap out of that little piece of **** Iginla. The only reason he gets points is he cheap shots everyone and the refs don't call it. Even Datsyuk could kick his ass.
  8. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    Please... A sweep is pretty much guaranteed. I mean, look at the shot totals in the first two games. Without Kiprusoff, the Wings win each game 10-0. The Flames had terrible offense to begin with, but now their defense sucks too. Iginla is completely invisible. I thought he was a "playoff warrior". Nice to see the refs crack down on Calgary's physical play as well. We don't need any of our stars getting hurt. The only thing I'm worried about is the Wings thinking every series is going to be this easy. That's just not going to be the case. The Flames are a terrible hockey team, but no one else they play against later in the playoffs will be as easy.
  9. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    It's great that we get to play such an easy team in the first round. That way, we can get some rest after we sweep them and be ready to go for the next series.