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  1. CHI Trades Jim Vandermeer To PHI For Ben Eager

    Last I heard they had moved Byfuglien up to forward. He is doing very well though
  2. Jan Mursak traded He is went from a team thats last in their division to a team thats first in their division.
  3. Cory Emmerton traded

    Big trade in the OHL today with Cory going to a Memorial Cup Contender in Brampton. To Brampton: Cory Emmerton To Kingston: Justin Levac, Thomas Middup, 2nd and 3rd round picks in '08, 2nd and 5th round picks in '09, 6th rounder in '10 Thats a lot to give up for 1 player who has been slumping a bit this year, although he seems to be picking it up a little lately.
  4. Niklas Kronwall

    I still can't beleive that Lebda's a +9 !!!!! Thats only 1 behind Dats and Zetts.. He's only 3 behind Lidstrom. That just seems so weird
  5. Swedish Prospects

    I posted this in "Prospects forum" in another thread, but its a pretty good article and I figured more people would see it in the main forum
  6. Dick Axelsson and Daniel Larsson

    Here is an article from on both Axelsson and Larsson, with a couple comments on Andersson. Nothing but praise for these guys, its really nice to see them starting the year so well. Gives us even more hope for the future.
  7. Holland confirms three camp tryouts

    this one is much better
  8. man do i miss stuff like this,....

    I would also take a team full of Cleary's and Homer's over Boogaard's or Laraque's.... but I would denfinetly take Boogaard over Kopecky or Maltby... playoffs or not... like Scneider said about "Nuclear weapons"(enforcers)... if the other team has 1 you want to have 2, maybe that has something to do with why he chose to go to Anaheim. Does anyone remember Lecavalier vs Iginla in the finals? Oh wait... I forgot there's no fighting in the playoffs...
  9. man do i miss stuff like this,....

    Or when Franzen got a late hit from Willie Mitchell that knocked him out cold... Thats when the team toughness came out and they facewashed him... oh
  10. man do i miss stuff like this,....

    So they shouldn't stick up for their teamates because they are grown men??? Let me guess... they will get them back on the scoreboard right? lol That sure did a lot of good against pronger. They really showed him... They shouldn't have went after Lemeuix either? Maybe Maltby should have gave him a good facewash to even things up... Probbie, Dmac and Kocur all scored some huge goals for us in the playoffs.. why... because those are the type of guys that play with their heart on their sleeve. These are the type of guys that we need(will stick up for teamates NO MATTER WHAT, can skate decent, as well as score an occasional goal). I'm all for signing a Boogard type as the 13th forward... Obviously I would rather have another Probert, Dmac or Kocur. But it seems these type are too hard to find nowadays or aren't a priority for us. But if I had to, I would definetly settle for a pylon with fists like bricks. It's not like an enforcer has to score anyway, they just need to be able to skate and not cause goals against, and Im sorry... but having Lilja as our protection just isn't gonna cut it. I don't know who's played hockey and who hasn't but when an opposing player take's a run at your goalie or cross checks one of your star players... and your tough guy beats the crap out of him. It creates a huge adrenaline boost for the whole team as well as teaches the guy a lesson that he can't get away with that bulls***. Maybe Im old fashioned a little, but who really doesn't enjoy watching a good hockey fight? seriously? Its a contact sport played with tons of emotion with players battling for every inch. When that happens there is going to be confrontations which leads to fighting every so often... which is why we need someone who can fight... so please kenny get er done
  11. Camp tryout offers...

    I heard from a friend who knows Aaron Downey that he was offered a camp tryout, but he said that Philly might sign him to contract.... If they sign him to a contract he was gonna take it for sure... but if not then he was gonna try out with us.... He is tough, can fight and likes to hit, so it wouldn't hurt to at least see how well he can play... realistically he would be a fourth liner that can provide some energy and excitement so I'm all for it... and as much as everybody is tired of hearing it, it would be WAY better if we at least had someone to drop the mitts. quote "I have a feeling were gonna invite , Barnaby , McCarty and Lindros. The ones that can still play get contracts , the ones that are vegatables go home." I wouldn't think Lindros would take a tryout, he is to good of a player for that... even though he is more injury prone than any other player out there (even forsberg) I would still be all for signing Lindros to an incentive based contract though, he is still very good when healthy and is still relatively young(34)
  12. Akim Aliu

    A full page article in the local paper today. He was traded to the Knights for the upcoming season.
  13. Official: Chelios signs 1-year deal

    He only neeeds to play in one more playoff game to tie the record (247)
  14. Terms not disclosed Great news good to see him locked up.
  15. Holmstrom Hit from Behind

    He better be suspended for that s***... What an ******* Intent to injure, hitting from behind and elbowing all on the same play, should be a minimum 5 games...