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  1. book titles you'll never see...

    Bribery by Ed Belfour How to Get Along With Your Backup by Ed Belfour How to Meet My Goalie by Darryl Sydor The NHL Guide to Breathing by Ian Lapierriere with foreward by Stephane Robidas Hotel Etiquette by The 1998 USA Olympic Hockey Team Two Parts Orange One Part Vodka by Ed Belfour The Aerodynamics of Water Bottles by Jeremy Roenick Pugilism by Mike Modano Variety in First Round Playoff Opponets by the Edmonton Oilers The NHL Guide to Knee Injuries by Pavel Bure The Joys of Rehab by Theo Fleury with a foreward by Jere Karlahti (sp) The NHL Guide to the Oscars by Alexander Daigle Playing Nice with the Opposing Team by Ron Hextall Slim Line Goalie Wear by J.S. Giguerre My Posts Told Me To Do It by Patrick Roy The Art of Auto Mechanics by Ron Tugnutt Divorce: The Guide to a Successful Marriage by Martin Brodeur I Heard He was A Farmer by Mike Modano Forward by Basil McRae The NHL Guide to Investing by Mike Modano Dude, Where's My Stanley Cup Ring? by Mike Modano Ebay and You by Mike Modano Edumacation and Success by Mike Modano The Art of Being a Blackhole by Trevor Daley The Art of Being a Good Role Model by Jeremy Roenick special dedication to Sean Avery Cutlery by Sergei Zubov special forward by Mrs. Zubov I Went to Jail and All I Got was this FUBU Shirt by Ed Belfour The Guide to Easy Listening by the Finnish National Team Sucking Up: The Art of Babysitting by Sidney Crosby How To Walk In Traffic by the NHL referees How to Get Ahead by Marrying Your Teammates Daughter by Brenden Morrow Why Do These Children Keep Calling Me Dad? by Jason Arnott Safe Sex by Jason Arnott with a foreward by Petr Sykora with an afterward by the NBA How To Get Through Airport Security by Phillippe Boucher Ice Time by Nathan Perrott with foreward by Aaron Downey NHL Nutrition by Ken Hitchcock I'm Innocent by Donald Brashear How To Confuse a Cop by Peter Worrell Hot For Teacher by Todd Harvey Penalty Shots by Mike Modano
  2. book titles you'll never see...

    Staying in the Crease by Marty Turco How to Speak Swedish by The Dallas Stars