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  1. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    NO Like it or not, Zidane was still one of the best players in the Cup. One red card shouldn't change that. If Thornton had a Game Misconduct in the last game would his Hart be taken away? BTW, that same investigation could strip Italy of the World Cup. Is either likely to happen? Any player who misses an opportunity like that in a Championship game will react like that. Remember Stevie's reaction when he missed a perfect opportunity in OT against Carolina in 2002? Remember Shanny when he missed the open net with a minute to go against Colorado in Game 5 of the 2002 series? Were their games being "shut down?" For those who haven't seen this, take a look at Materrazi's history.
  2. Souray to Det for Lang and prospect?

    No, I don't see what people have against Lang since he was better than Shanny against Edmonton but adding Hudler on to that is just plain ridiculous.
  3. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    XD LOL LMAO ROFL Germany got owned in the last minute and it feels good!!! (Is Polish) How does it feel? READ: There is no offence meant to any Germans on this board, I'm just expressing my emotions. It's also the first time I haven't been horribly depressed since know.
  4. How much would I get?

    How much would I get if I tried to sell a O-Pee-Chee Datsyuk rookie card signed by him? Not really thinking about selling it, but I'm a bit curious.
  5. b. witt would be excellent

    He signed with the Islanders, IIRC.
  6. Eklund: Biron could get traded to the Wings

    Sure he does. How many goals did he score? Both Maltby and Draper are over paid and failed to produce this year. Franzen and Cleary are excellent penalty killers and I think one should stay (Draper or Maltby). I also think it will be Williams for Biron since if it is a second liner, it could Williams since the second line could have easily been Yzermani_i-Lang-Williams. Also, since Biron is younger, I think he can stay a while here if he proves himself with Howard/Liv backing him up.