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  1. College Football

    i don't think u can say if ohio state wins this game they will go undefeated. there's a lot of football to be played. they first have to get by iowa this saturday, a road game to msu, another road game to northwestern, then back home against michigan. all those teams will play ohio state tough. i know everyone looks at northwestern and laughs. but the last time the bucks went there they lost in overtime. but michigan can't get ahead of themselves either. i think penn st will give michigan problems in beaver stadium. penn st will be looking to get back at michigan after losing in ann arbor, and then against iowa will be tough. i think this will be one of the best seasons in the big ten. after watching osu/penn st beat each other up on saturday, hopefully this means there's more to come.
  2. College Football

    now that texas is no. 2 it should make for a nice game on saturday with ohio st. plus, with two texas players out of the game for off field problems it makes you wonder how they game will be now.
  3. Maurice Clarrett

    the guys a terd. he loves his face being on the front page of the newspaper, negative or positive. when is everyone going to realize he was a waste of sperm and give it up.
  4. College Football

    i would still cheer on the toledo rockets but a bcs conf. team i would have to say uva. i hate viginia tech and their fans. they beat semi medocre teams and everyone gets on their nuts. but they are always pretty good at blowing 2 games before the season ends.
  5. College Football

    after watchin all the clips on clarett it does look bad that he's wearing an ohio st jersey. but ohio st got bashed a lot for kicking him off the team. i have to give tressel and osu credit for the way they handled the situation. i think if cooper was the coach he probably would of turned his head. second thing i want to make a point on is where is jim brown???? if all of you remember he was the one running to his defense when ohio st suspended him. he always right on clarett's side and he bashed former ad geiger. lastly i don't feel sorry for this kid. yeah he was a waste of talent and he took a terrible route in life. but he had so many second chances. when all the problems first started at ohio st all he had to do was tell the truth. but what did he do he lied. then he got his shot to make the nfl. what does he do he shows up fat and slow at the combine. lastly he could of made an arena football team, but instead he wants to go postal and carry 4 load guns in his car. it pisses me off to see a kid so much talent get so much attention then he turns out to be a terd. just put him in a cell next to mike tyson cause both of those athletes are mental cases.
  6. College Football

    marcel frost wasn't the projected starter at tight end this year. the only reason he started at all last season was because ohio st lost their top two tight ends to injury. the projected starter for ohio st. is rory nicol. nicol was one of the top players to come out of pa two years ago. frost will be missed but it won't hurt osu's offense that badly. as for clarett that kid is a damn fool. i find it funny how people said ohio st treated him badly when they dimissed him from the team. i hope he enjoys getting hosed down by guys in the showers.
  7. College Football

    i think msu will be a little better then teams expect. i think they have a solid shot at beating notre dame, michigan, and ohio st. drew stanton is an good qb and can throw the ball really well. notre dame's defense is about as good the last crap i took today. michigan's defense is not that great either, and with ohio state at home could create problems for the bucks. but my prediction this year for the big ten will be this. if ohio st makes it through the first 5 games they won't be stopped. yes they still have michigan in november but i see the maize and blue going home black and blue after that one. iowa will be a good team and i think they will finish 2nd. i would have to say michigan would be 3rd or 4th depending how penn st recovers this year. but watch this year penn st's defense will be better then what people think it will be. nationally i think west virginia is a year away from running the tables. usc can go back to the bcs game with the defense they have this year. texas will be good but not top 5 good. auburn or florida will win the sec this year. lastly in the acc i'm going with clemson as the winner. i think the title game will have ohio st vs auburn or usc two teams to look out for is cal and louisville
  8. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    won't happen, holland won't trade zets, dats, and kronwall at all this year or ever.
  9. College Football

    yeah that was a great day to watch a michigan game even though i hate watchin carr crying to the refs.
  10. New rumors!

    i really like samsonov. he's small but he's fast and he has good moves. i think he would fit in nicely at detroit.
  11. b. witt would be excellent

    yeah that seems like the new trend around here. we just keep passing up on good talent.
  12. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    so far holland was right about how he said there would be major changes to this team. we got rid of manny. stevie is gone, we are going to over pay another old fart, and not give a young guy a chance to play. good job holland i see u love being detroit.
  13. The Eagle is landing

    why does anyone even think about signing belfour. all i hear is how we should go with a younger team and what are we doing thinking about signing this has been.
  14. b. witt would be excellent

    i would have no problem getting this guy. i was hoping we got him last year at the trade deadline. the loves physical play and i feel we need something like on our team.
  15. Wings zeroing on Gerber?

    i hope we don't get gerber.