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  1. Horribly, horribly awkward moments.
  2. I LOVE ducks. Just not the hockey team.
  3. Lol then we'd have to get people to come back to read/post in the thread.
  4. http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/blog/eye-on-hockey/22362546/report-gregory-campbell-suffered-broken-leg-done-for-season Impressive, to say the least.
  5. I took a lengthy hiatus... I'm back now and wondering the same thing.
  6. Merry Christmas. Travel to Europe, or go camping?
  7. Sometimes alcohol is the best solution.
  8. Nope. Never have, don't think I ever will. The person below me has to work this weekend.
  9. He's been found... In the penalty box.
  10. I haven't been on here in FOREVER. This feels kinda weird.
  11. Just found out that my roommate went to the game on Sunday. Guess who's jealous? Win.
  12. I pulled a muscle in my back
  13. Changed the wallpaper on my desktop. Now I'm all ready for red wings hockey
  14. Back from Jamaica. Now it's back to work.
  15. I broke a nail