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  1. up2here

  2. Martin Frk

    So Frk's team the Halifax Mooseheads just swept the St. John's Sea Dogs in the playoffs. Marty had an "OK" 4 games: 6 Goals & 4 Assists. This kid looks like a second round steal now that he's healthy again.
  3. Wings Make Offer to Danny D!

    I assume youre talking about Dekeyser. Its been mentioned here that the rumours are that he has been promised an NHL job right away.
  4. Calle Jarnkrok to play for GR Griffins

    Is it pronounced Yarn-Crock?
  5. Why shootouts may be a bad thing

    The worst part about this isnt that its stupid (Which it really ,really is) its that its not even original. Phil Bourque tried the same moronic move back in the early 90's on a penalty shot I think.
  6. Why shootouts may be a bad thing

    I'll defend shootouts as a good idea when the NFL decides games by having the Quarterback throw balls through a hanging tire.
  7. Wings and others after Perry....

    No way in hell the Ducks deal him to a team in the West first of all. Second of all theyre playing too well to trade him. Thirdly Tatar and Andersson wouldnt be enough to get Perry. It would take at LEAST Nyquist and Smith plus a first rounder.
  8. Nick's Sons

    There have been many examples of children being as good if not better than their fathers (Brett Hull, Barry Bonds etc.) and I think its also safe to say there have been even more examples of children being nothing close to as good as their fathers. However I cant think of an example in any sport where two hall of famers offspring had their own children. Perhaps nature wouldnt even allow it so as not to make the rest of mankind feel inferior.
  9. Nick's Sons

    Kevin is 18 now and I assume that if he was an elite prospect we would have heard about it now. But, does anyone know much about him and his brothers? I cant seem to find any info. I also found it interesting that Nick has 4 sons while Stevie has 3 daughters. Has it occured to anyone else that we should get these kids together so they can mate and create some kind of super-human hockey player?
  10. Ive been to most major North American cities and Montreal is one of my Favs. If you cant have fun in Montreal youre a corpse. Boston is also a blast.
  11. I say we all meet for a weekend in Montreal and take a game in. Blow the doors right off that city. Sacre Bleu!
  12. Ducks re-sign Getzlaf 8 year-contract

    The Ducks just hamstrung themsleves for the next 8 years. I'm also a big fan of Getzlaf but what does this mean Crosby, Stamkos or Malkin will make in their next contract?10 mil per? 11?
  13. Refs last 3 games

    This is what drives fans and players crazy. The Wings and Oilers played a few weeks ago and there was something like 15 power-plays called and then 1 last night. I would argue its impossible for the exact same teams to play that close together and there be THAT big of a disparity in penalties. No one has any freaking clue what a penalty is anymore. Call it or not call it but at least be somewhat consistent. Were trying to attract new fans and anyone who watched the last two Wings/Oilers games would be thoroughly confused. I'm not sure what reaction we want for our new hockey fans but I'm pretty sure "confusion" isnt high on the list.
  14. Should Visors Be Mandatory In The NHL

    Oh I agree its a stretch and I seriously doubt that whether a player wears a visor or not would mean the difference between life and death (Like a seatbelt or helmet) but my point remains true. People are generally too stupid/stubborn to know whats good for them. In particular I find this to be very true of hockey players. With the new sticks all players are shooting harder now which means there's less time for players to react to deflections and shots. Unfortunately I think were going to see more incidents like the Staal one.
  15. Should Visors Be Mandatory In The NHL

    I always go back to the seatbelt laws for automobiles. Sometimes people are too stubborn or stupid to know whats good for them and their safety has to be enforced with laws, or in this case, rules. The "Grown Men making their choice" argument is weak as a kitten in my opinion.