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  1. Kopecky signs 2-year, $900K extension

    This has interesting implications for next season. If they re-sign Calder (and I hope they do) and Dats, roster spots for next years team will be getting thin. Quick look at projected line-up with the two mentioned re-signings: Dats-Zetterberg-Holmstrom Calder-Filppula-Hudler Cleary-Draper-Franzen Samuelsson-Kopecky-? (Grigs, Maltby, Free Agent) Now we can debate the composition of those lines (particularly who would center the fourth), but I have to believe all those spots would be taken, leaving at most one available on the team. This is without considering re-signing Bert, Lang, or Maltby. Frankly if I had a choice, that roster makeup would be ideal; it contains at least three gritty player (Calder, Frazen, and Kopecky), a ton of youth, and some experience. All in all things look good for the Winged Wheel.
  2. What should lines be when all are back

    If it were my choice, lines would look like this: Dats-Zetterburg-Holmstrom Hudler-Lang-Bertuzzi Calder-Filppula-Cleary Frazen-Draper-Maltby Samuelsson Three strong lines that can score and two that can grind (the third I see as overlapping). The big plus I see in this thread is the embarrassment of riches we have on the team if all are healthy. Basically any of the line combos suggested would be strong, and the team's recent play with so many key players out shows the true depth of the organization. I just hope we can get all or most of the team clicking this year in the playoffs.