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  1. SFE: Wings looking at 'star player' by deadline

    Tucker or sturm but really want Tucker
  2. SFE: Wings looking at 'star player' by deadline

    Slava Kozlov over lapoint but how niether of them.
  3. Lang is Lazy and He Sucks

    Lang is no turd. My wife asks: How many of you have ever played hockey or are you all just fat asses sitting on the couch bad mouthing everyone else? And then: Lang actually stepped up last night and helped us win the game. I agree with her.
  4. Aebischer a Wing?

    bad rumor, I don't believe this one.
  5. Wings/Sabres working on a trade?

    No way will we trade Kronwall, that would be stupid. I don't believe this rumor. I like every part of it besides Kronwall, but he is untouchable. Those are Hollands words, we have heard alot of untrue rumors this year. I thinks this is another.
  6. Who was worse, Hatcher in 04 or Lilja in 06?

    Hatcher was worse. Hatcher was paid more to such worse. Lilija is showing promise though he has put up a lot of Penelty minutes which will give Babcock the impression that he is a very tough cookie. Infact the penelty minutes has brought Holland to the table to waste a good portion of money on this very promising defence man who is going to suck for along time to come. Hudler should start sticking people and cause some third period shorthanded oppertunites to blow a couple of games. It sure would show Babcock what a bad ass he is, and prove a value to the team. PS. I like Hudler and really think Babcock should give him a chance.